29 November 2009

Sunday And Time To hear From Our Tricia,

 I wonder If It is Raining On Oracoke Island?

Hello everyone,
The weather here as finally turned sunny and pleasant.  The dogs are happy to be able to get outside for more than just a potty.  It is now time to clean up all the dead branches that came out of the trees in the wind.  Our Thanksgiving went very nicely and the dogs have been enjoying left over turkey, sweet potatoes and baked apples in their food.  A nice trip to the Pub with friends after dinner  was very enjoyable.  After tonight, the vast majority of all the business will close, including the Pub which always stayed open year round.  Our little grocery store, the hardware store & of course the Liquor store will be open.  My last night of work was last night, so the girls will have me home full time all winter...with the pleasant weather we will be spending a lot of time outside until winter sets in.... 
Right now Amelia is getting mauled by her older sister Greyson.  She and Greyson have taken to playing a lot lately.  Greyson is a "tom boy" and plays really rough with her and she loves it! 012

They get a stuffed toy (without stuffing anymore) and play tug with it....Greyson always wins & runs off with it with Amelia on her heels!  They will keep this up until I say "ENOUGH!"  The 2 of them really are a lot of fun to watch.  Sometimes all 5 of them will join in & then the throw rugs fly and chaos ensues!  Hopefully I will get out and get a bunch of photos of the girls that I can share here.  Until next week, everyone take care.

Thank You Tricia, pleased you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Now  not working It must be lovely to have time to yourself and be able to all the doggy activities. Hope the weather remains dry it must great to walk or ride your bike without the hot humid weather and mosquitoes.  


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Sounds like my lot.
Were having the rain for you up here in the North East today!

karen said...

glad the weather has picked up for you, its horrid here, the thanksgiving dinner sound scrummy!