22 November 2009

Sunday And We Have Our Report From Tricia on Oracoke Island In The USA

Good afternoon everyone,
I was so excited to wake up and see sunshine this morning, I was beginning to feel like a wilted plant!  Since the girls have all been groomed they have been little balls of play!  I would love to know exactly how they feel before and after the groom.  It seem they feel great after.  Even Rose who is 9 years old has teamed up with Storey for games of chase.....for some reason the 2 of them always seem to play together.  Willo_(2)

On Thursday, my sweet Willo turned 5 years old.  She is the quietest most loving dog ever.  I don't think she has EVER done anything wrong.  Everyone got their dinner topped of with some home made macaroni and cheese...something they never get, to celebrate.  Now that all the water has gone down we can start on our bike/walks again, which I am looking forward to.  On Thursday this week it is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, so we will be making turkey and all the trimmings.  The girls noses will busy that day with all the cooking going on & of course they will have a special Thanksgiving dinner too.
Congratulations to Billy and Miss Pie and to Marie for her outstanding work with her photographs now getting this wonderful recognition.  Good luck Marie in this contest

Thank you Tricia, at last the rain has gone and you can get out with the girls! A Double celebration on Thursday with Thanksgiving and Willo’s 5  birthday!  Do take some photos for us. No birthday pork pie for the dogs, it seems strange that you can’t buy  pork pies over there, still I bet they will prefer the turkey, have a great day.


patricia said...

Lovely to read all your news Tricia, the weather here is appalling, love the picture of woolley, my dogs are woolley, and hate wearing their winter coats. x

enid said...

Have a great time on Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much turkey!

Marie said...

Thanks Trish, and Happy Thanksgiving :-)

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Happy thanksgiving xx