19 November 2009

Thursday And We Say Hello To Derek For Our Northeast Natter

Hello Bloggers

It's the stand in reporter today, Wor Julie has to work late today, everybody say Ahhhhhhhhh. Not a lot of activity on the dog front at present in the North East. There was a show at the week end which I did visit, only one Bedlington was entered but alas did not turn up so I did a quick retreat to the woods at Hardwick Country Park which was more to the liking for our tribe.

I've since heard that from a source that some folk were still at this show until 6pm ?? so perhaps it was just as well that the Bedlington fraternity gave it a miss. I thought the hall was far to small for an all breed show, certainly the space at the ring side was well packed with some folk even grooming in passage ways and outside. Wonder where the KC rep was for this show.

Hopefully as you can by the pictures Durham has had a few spectacular nights of late. !cid_C049E685-2D03-4F9B-89A6-61F4A44126EF The son et lumiere display at Durham Cathedral was quite a sight with the story of the raids by the Vikings the building of the Cathedral, the Lindisfarne Gospels and the famous Durham Knocker all being shown on the actual faces ofthe Cathedral. Other displays were shown around the river and other parts of Durham, and as the weather was kind on these nights an awful lot of folk turned up to see the show which can't be bad for the North East, Gods Country (just had to get that bit in).


Have just sent an email to Mark regarding the walk in December so I guess he will be sending more info to the blog soon. Ta Ta The Makem

Thank you Derek it is quiet down south nothing on the show scene, I don’t know of any shows with bedlington classes this weekend! The grooming seminar is well supported on Sunday, I think I am going to be a kitchen lady for the day! The Durham Cathedral lights look very impressive from your photos.


Tina W said...

You are certainly never still Derek-the pictures are lovely and I bet it was even nicer in real life.

enid said...

Fantastic photos. I would have loved to be there.


Tina & Enid

I freeze up solid when I stop so hardly never do. Glad the pictures of Durham were able to be seen on the blog, must use a tripod next time as getting a bit shaky and it's not the GTs.

The Makem

patricia said...

amazing pictures derek, thank you for sharing them with us.