24 November 2009

Tuesday And We Have Our Midland Mailing From Jane 

Things here are pretty well back to normal, our holiday well behind us now and winter regimes resumed. Boots and waterproofs are the order of the day,(well most days anyway!) Yesterdays jaunt saw a bit of excitement, the pony of two locals girls who happen to be identical twins, decided to take a dip in the canal.The fire- brigade were called as the mare showed no sign of being able to extricate herself, unfortunately she dislikes men and it was up to her young owner to join her in the water and guide her to safety. When I caught up with the twins later they told me their mare was under observation for the next 48 hours but happily seemed no worse for her adventure. The twins however had spent the rest of the day erecting fences!

Archie's obsession with balls is out of control and now firmly refuses to leave for his walk without a tennis ball planted between his jaws. It is most amusing as he refuses to relinquish his prized possession even when offered a biscuit, or another dog is out off order and in need of a verbal rebuke! If we meet up with our friend Albert, who always has a ball in his pocket, Archie convinced his mouth is big enough to hold 2, will beg to be given the object of his desire.

Best wishes to one and all, keep warm and dry, that's if your beddies will let you!!!! Jane

southwold_055 Thank you Jane this weather is unbelievable, so wet and windy, I don’t think we have yet to wake up to a cold crisp white frosty morning. Reading about Archie makes me laugh I can just imagine him with his tennis ball. Pleased the pony is not hurt after its demise, it is so important to check fencing daily in bouts of really strong winds and gales.  


Linda said...

Hi Jane

I have at last (with some help from Lee!!) got myself set up on here to post messages.

Speak to you soon

Tina W said...

Archie and the ball made me laugh-glad the horse was ok.

J&T said...

Hi Linda, wonderful to hear from you, hope the girls(Lee & Sophie too) are all well.
Speak soon, Jane xxx