31 December 2009


To celebrate New Year we have photos from Elaine & Ernie of Minni and Lilly enjoying the winter snow.



Minnie is spending New Year's eve with us - she so loves the snow - and is a great playmate for Lily. Mac is content to watch the terrible two from the side lines!! Happy and prosperous new year to you all. Elaine and Ernie.

Thank you Elaine great photos for New Year’s Eve! Happy And Prosperous New Year to everyone from me and Jon!


Trish said...

Wonderful photos! Happy New year to all from us here in Ocracoke!

Peter said...

Happy 2010 to all

Polly said...

Happy 2010 to everyone.

Lovely photos, should be in a calender ;)

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

great photos happy new year everyone

Marie said...

Happy New Year from Skye!

Dinky Dogs Grooming said...

Beautiful pictures