28 December 2009

Letter From America!

Sorry I am a day late.  Chris and I were gone for the week end to Virginia Beach, VA, where Chris's Dad lives.  There was a big family dinner Saturday night and the dogs had a blast!  So many people to pay attention to them.  And so many people that couldn't believe how well behaved they were.  It always amazes me that people think that because your dogs aren't absolute raving maniacs that they believe you have some dog training gift.  There was another dog in the house so they had a canine playmate too.  I think he was overwhelmed by 5 ladies wanting to sniff him all at the same time!  The visit went well.
We had a nice quite Christmas. There are photos in the camera & I will post them as soon as Chris gets it back to me.  The girls  got some Nylabone chew toys....Storey loves to chew bones.  I swear she can decimate even the toughest bone!  The rope toy with the tennis ball on it didn't last long, they had to tennis ball off the rope before the end of Christmas day.  A box of sweet potatoes gourmet, organic biscuits topped off their goodies....surprisingly I have left the box under the tree and no one has touched it.  The weather has been pleasant here, not too cold and sunny.
I am looking forward to another wonderful year on the blog.  I cannot believe how it has grown!  Thank you Jon and Lesley for all your work.  I look forward to watching all the puppies grow and to all the fun stories about them.  Happy New Year to everyone from all of us here on Ocracoke! Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank you Tricia sounds like you had a great time over Christmas and the girls had lots of special attention. Hopefully you will soon be able to send us some photos. Talking  about presents under the tree we left a small Christmas wrapped box containing 6 Belgium chocolates under the tree, walking past I noticed it was gone and there was Diesel in  her basket demolishing chocolate number 5, she took off the wrapping paper and prized open the box, luckily she was not Ill but I kept a close eye on her for a while and moved anything edible away from the floor and surfaces near any chairs. All my dogs are such foodies!  


Trish said...

My very first bedlington did the same. My Mom had a box of chocolates for the minister that came to see my Grandmother. Buck took the bow off and had a box of chocolate almond bark! He the only dog I had that has eaten chocolate. My dogs have had to learn with the grandkids, just because it is on the floor doesn't make it yours! If it is not in you bowl, DON'T eat it.


Eileen got a large box of Thorntons for grooming one of our older pups. About 2.30 in the night there was a crash. Our oldest bitch, Pearl, (Judges Critique, she lives in a home where they serve good food) had managed to get the box of a high shelf and was half way through before I could manage to get down stairs.

Thought we would have problems the next morning but every thing OK.

The Makems

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hi Trish,
Sound like you had a great day.
Just love reading your reports.
All the best for New Year Lots of love xx

julie o said...

great report trish xx

Marie said...

looking forward to seeing the pics Trish!