28 December 2009

Monday Junior Handler Day And We Say Hello To Victoria

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.It has been really interesting reading all the reports from around the world,the blog seems to be getting bigger every year.thank you Jon and Lesley for all your hard work. Jack and Rose would like to say thank you to Ed,Rebecca and Ralphie who got them both a rat for Christmas,Jack surprised us all buy opening his presents without any help!
Rose is calming down now and becoming more cuddly and less bitey every day. She is also listening more to us and will come back to us when we call her back from the garden, (she usually plays a game where she will stand just outside the door then when we come to get her she will run to the back of the garden). 
On Boxing day my Dad gave Jack and Rose a clip.Jack is very good on the table but Rose is already much better even with her front feet being clipped. After that we went to the Gate Inn with my Nan to see some Morris Dancers.The Morris Dancers seemed to know a lot about bedlingtons, which surprised me as most of the people that come up to us,ask us what breed they are. Rose ruined her new clip by getting VERY muddy and had fun playing with a one year old spaniel. ixus_026_(2)
It was Rose's first Christmas and she has had lots of fun 'ragging' wrapping paper and playing with the family. We have had a really good year this year, one of the highlights was picking up Rose from Sandra and Norman Hyde (who must have had a very busy Christmas with five puppies to look after),going to dog shows with Jack  and also going to a few agility fun shows (which I would like to do more in the new year)
on January 3rd we have a dog show with Jack in AVNSC terrier where we hope to meet Jamie and Kerry with Iris as it is her debut.
Have a happy New Year and see you all at Crufts. Lots of love Victoria Jack Bojangles and Rose.

LPIC0559Thank you Victoria, 2009 was certainly a fun doogie year and 2010 will be busier with little Rose joining the Colley show team. Good luck on the 3rd January, will this be Rose’s first show as well?    


julie o said...

great report

J&T said...

Hi Victoria,
Glad to hear you have had a good Christmas.
All the best with the show in the new year.