29 December 2009

Please Please Please Support Your Blog !

Once again we only have very few comments on the blog. 165 people visited the blog yesterday with a total of 512 hits. Out of 165 people just four contributed and left a comment on the posts. I don’t want everyone to write everyday but please support by writing a comment form time to time! Without support people will stop sending me news and photos and the blog will not flourish.  Goodness, think of the time I will have on my hands without the blog!



Come on folks give Lesley the support for the blog. She is the tops with the work she doe's for the Bedlington. THANKS LESLEY

The Makems

Karen Goldsbrough said...

This blog has been my saving grace this year.
Many thanks to Lesley for all your hard work.
So sorry I can't join in as much as I did but work rules out personal use of pc now & im gutted about this.

Still I manage to sneak a peak when boss is out but dare not post so its only at home now & then I have to fight the kids off to get on for a look.
Oh well hope you all had a great Xmas & Best wishes to you all for a Happy New Year xxxxxx
P.s Lesley did you get the picture I left on bedlington banter of Holly in her Santa Jumper ? xx

JC said...

Hi! It's 6:42am and I haven't yet dressed for work but I am totally enjoying the photos of Misty. Thanks so much! My sister gave me some Bedlington stuff for Christmas - I'll take photos and post a link sometime. Thanks so much for this blog!

Trish said...

Love you Lesley and am so grateful for the blog.

muriel said...

Hands up, I have been guilty recently of just taking a quick look at the blog and haven,t made any comments. Partly due to less time now that I have a different job working mon-fri, but also with 3 teenage girls fighting for the laptop for homework (facebook really)sometimes by the time I get it I,m too tired to do anything.
Hopefully though as they all got mini netbooks off santa and I,m gonna change the password on mine so they can,t use it things should improve.Still won,t have any more hours to the day though!