29 December 2009

Tuesday And Tina Time From The Midlands

Good morning bloggers-last Tina Time of the year. I hope you all had a lovely time at Christmas and Santa was good to you! Most of the toys that the dogs received have either been chewed up or confiscated due to arguments! On Christmas morning Colin managed to eat a full half of a tennis ball so all the balls were taken off them-he finally sicked the said  ball pieces up in the evening -but kept all his dinner down! He's a greedy dog and doesn't like to share the toys and has spent ages guarding the nylabones and rubber chew things so today I confiscated them until he can share better. The photo's of the new pups on the blog have been wonderful and also the greetings cards from far and wide were really professional  looking. Don't forget that Crufts entries close soon-Postal on 8th Jan and on-line on 15th jan. The MBTC are  holding their usual pre-crufts open show at Tollerton on 27th February, judge is Colin Powell (Bowtman) and entries close 23rd Jan. Good luck to everyone showing/competing . Keep warm and wishing you all a Happy ,Peaceful and Prosperous New Year. 'Till next time. TINA

Thank you Tina, I am pleased it is not only mine who are naughty .  They all had Nylabones too but I had to put Parker in the kennel with his or he would have taken them away from the girls! Another year of shows start this weekend with the build up to Crufts in March.


enid said...

Ours had Christmas cracker tuggies and squeaky crackers and they are still in one piece! This has never happened before. We have a forecast for heavy snow today but it's sleeting at the moment.
No it's not! I've just looked out of the window and it's turned back to snow.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hobie is a wuss with his toys/chew whatever he has Holly wants & he gives it to her even if she has the same she is defo the boss xx
It's Icy here I did the splits getting out of the car this morning Dancing on Ice Contestants would of been proud of that one I landed with one bum cheek on door sill & it was witnessed as well Lol xx

julie o said...

lol that sounds like this house piper took 5 mins to pull the stuffing from one of her toys but i have to say is taking great care of her handbag that jannine brought her and even takes it to bed with her

Trish said...

I am glad I am not the only one who's dogs go through tennis balls. I have found if I buy real tennis balls, not the ones sold in pet shops, they don't tear them up! They stay intact for years. However, the tennis ball on the rope tug didn't last through Christmas morning. Mine are pretty good at sharing. We have a box of bones and I have never had to put them up. Sometimes my living room floor looks like an arceology dig! (I am sure that is spelled wrong lol)

k9 said...


We acumulated so many doggy pressies that we decided to give them out slowly, they had some doggy crackers, Sapphire took one look and pulled her own and Jazz's what a flop one contained a paper hat with "BOSS" on and the other a whistle both had a piece of paper with the word "BANG" we have had tugs and latex squeakies but nothing seems to be a favorite, today they had a hide shoe each and pieces are now buried around the house including in my bed. I am sure there is still some in the cupboard so watch this space.

bye for now.

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

jack and rose got a stuffed rat each amazingly thay are still in one piece

Polly said...

Our girls had a smoked, stuffed bone each - the house smells like a smokery - lovely! They were really good and separated out to have a good munch, but now they all snuggle together to have a chomp and chew - I'm trying to get a photo.

Lola had the most amazing Pink Sputnik ball, solid rubber and when you throw it you can't predict where it'll bounce - she takes it everywhere LOL

muriel said...

Karen, we have the same with Barney and Ella, he never puts up a fight over anything she just takes it off him everytime, she may be the baby but she has ruled the roost since day one.

Surprisingly all their xmas toys are still in one piece, minus a few nibbles, better than last year when Ella wrecked everything immediately.