31 December 2009

Wednesday Welsh Wafflings From Paula: Snow Dogs

Not a lot happening here today, the snow is still coming down but is
really slushy, we had another 10 inches yesterday, I think our town has had the worst of it so far - we got mentioned on the weather news! 
Luckily the first 8 inches had melted away.  It's been vile trudging
through the wetness and the dogs aren't impressed at all, they won't
run about and just give me that look - you know the one that says
you're torturing them.  I took a photo of them when I asked them if
they wanted to go Walkies!    they just snuggled nearer the stove, we can't get near it LOL    we're supposed to get more tonight, maybe I'll be able to get some photos if it's proper frozen stuff

DSCF3245 Thank you Paula, look on the bright side, the slushy stuff should clear quickly, although 10 inches is a lot to have to melt. Luckily we have not had snow in Oxfordshire but over 24 hours of rain! It has been so wet  the dogs have missed their walks over the hill  this week.


Agathasmum Louise said...

Good luck with all that snow, I must admit, I quite agree with the dogs - sleeping in the warm sounds like a good idea. Like Lesley, all we get here in Devon is rain, rain, rain!

karen said...

Our snow has just gone so the earth in the garden has just been perfect for giant hole digging ahhh

Elaine & Ern said...

Loads more snow here in Consett - little people are really looking forward to sledging tomorrow if it hangs around. Will try to get pics of the dogs chasing around too if time (and hangover) allows