28 February 2009

Evening Dog News

The Kennel Club Doesn’t Want Pedigree Dogs Exposed Filmmaker to ‘Spoil Their Day’
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Kennel Club's resistance may indicate we can't teach an old dog new tricks
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Tomorrow's Shows
March 1st is Gateshead, 8 bedlingtons being judged by Mark Walshaw, good luck to everyone entered and I will wait patiently for the results and hopefully some photos! Also an extra special good luck to young Victoria who is showing in AVNSC Terrier under Viv Rainsbury tomorrow.
A note from Tricia in the USA
What do you wear to show at Cruft's? Here in the USA Westminister is probably right up there with Cruft's. Best in Show here, is judged by judges wearing Tuxes, for men & formal gowns for women. The people exhibiting are pretty dressed up, men in suits, women, almost exclusively in dresses and of course the sensible shoes. I guess I will find out when I watch it on the computer, but just wanted your input.
Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)
Gosh Tricia what are dresses??? I don't posses one! I don't know anyone who shows in frocks, and I can only think of one lady who regularly exhibits in a skirt with a smart jacket! Saying this a lot of lady judges will wear skirts.
Our Judge Sharon Ames looked WOW, in that pink Jacket, white camasole, new bob hair doo and terrific smile!
Serious stuff this judging!!!

Saturday and we say hello to Marie in sunny Scotland
(Sorry this is late but just got back from the show after an early morning start)
I finally got both dogs grooming finished. Another few weeks and it will be time to start on them again. Its been interesting seeing all the historic bedlington pics on the blog this week, and I just love the soft toys that Kurt crafts. They really are works of art.
Next week I am on a photography workshop here on Skye (starts next Saturday and runs for a whole week). I'm hoping to learn even more and improve further. I just hope the weather is kind to us. Good luck to everyone going to Crufts... Cody Briagha and I will be supporting you all from a distance and impatiently awaiting the results.
This weeks pic is one of Cody from a few weeks back. I like the perspective as its taken from a low angle.
Thank you Marie another great photo, good luck on your course I know you will enjoy the experience. Talking about the old photos perhaps when you have a little time and we have lots of photos in the file you could make us an old Bedlington photo clip with perhaps war time or music hall songs! What do you think?

Stop Press
Big Mo's News and Show Results
Please go to the comments for the latest news.
Mutley needs a groomer!

Here's a couple of pictures that I received this morning from the Ridge family who have Mutley-Islas sister, as you can see poor Mutley has been clipped at a salon that is not used to doing Bedlingtons-they are struggling to find a groomer that can do a decent bedlington cut-they live in Macclesfield Cheshire. If anyone can help please let me know and I will either pass on your details or give you their email address. Thanks. Tina.
Thanks Tina hopefully there is someone in bedlington land who can turn poor Mutley back into a handsome bedlington!
Dog news
Dog World - The Best Canine Newspaper by Some Distance
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More Bedlington History
George Newcombe (Rillington)

Ch Breakwater Chief

(Mrs P R Smith) 1910 by Coxhill Tatters out of Breakwater Fashion. Blue bedlington bred by the owner

27 February 2009

Why Search!
This has nothing to do with dogs but this website may prove very handy if you keep it on your desk top.
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More Bedlington history
Here is one for all you Bedlington historians, do you know who this young man is?????
This photo was kindly sent in to us by David Bruce.
In the poo!

Lilly & Rosie found a really nasty foxy smell when they went out in the garden last night, so I ended up washing them at half past ten. Consequently they woke up this morning all curly and cute! I think I will do that for Crufts and save drying time :)
Thanks Jill I like them like that too.
New Photo Album
The New Historic Photo Album is now in the index column. Any old photos that come in will be transfered from the main blog page into our new album, check in later today for more historic photos. I really love these old photos!
Somersaulting Puppies

I'd like to send pictures where puppies from me are doing somersaults.


Regards, Erika

How cute Erika thank you for sharing with the bloggers.
Another old photo kindly sent in by Billy, I want this dog I just love the expression on its face!

This cheeky visitor to the garden is driving Lily nuts!!!.

Lily is so quick on her feet I fear it is only a matter of time -she's also very adept at working out which tree he's fled to and will sit beneath patiently waiting for him to come down. Squirrel of course is not daft and sits still as a statue for as long as Lily waits below. As soon as she takes her eye off the target he's off like a shot - safe to live another day.
Thanks Elaine I bet Lily is so frustrated, so close yet so far away!

26 February 2009

Dog Fashion: Haute Couture for Your Hound
The Bedlington features on the cover of this book by Susie Green . You can buy the book on Amazon click here for more details! Thanks to Billy for the information
A new Bedlington soft toy on ebay hand made by Kurt O' Conner

Hi my name is Kurt O'Connor, I am an artist and I am always making soft sculptures of Bedlington Terriers. I have this beauty his name is Sebastian and he is on eBay in the USA.
I love this breed I was raised with this breed in England, in a little town call Orford. Later our family moved to the States and we continued to breed these beautiful dogs. You may have heard of my sister, Sandra Bethea, who still shows her Bedlington (Talyn), and has made it in Westminster six times with the same dog.
Doing these soft sculptures is my passion, and I make them by hand. Would it be possible to let the group know that I have one for sale on eBay? The eBay ID is 190289485374 and this Bedlington is a blue.
Crufts Dog News
New challenge for gun dogs
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Peter Green To Judge Crufts Dog Show In England
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Dog owners prepare for 'controversial' Crufts
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Ralphie says, there is no escaping me, I know you are in there!!

Calling all Junior Handlers at Crufts
I would like to know how many Junior Handlers we have exhibiting their dogs in the ring . If you are a junior and handling a dog at Crufts please leave a comment.
More Bedlington History
Billy's Great Grandad and his bedlingtons 1934
Another fantastic photo, really lovely looking dogs Billy

25 February 2009

Thursday and we say good morning to Julie in the North East
Mark's M thinks if she flaps her ears hard enough she will be a ble to take off from that dreadful grooming table

Good morning from the north East, I think we are going through the lull before the storm as March is going to be very busy for us all in the North East. 1st March we are showing at Metropolitan Borough Canine Soc at Birtley, Thursday CRUFTS , Sunday 8Th Northen Sporting Terrier at Yarm , Sunday 15Th North Eeast Meet and walk at Seaton Carew, Sunday 29Th Nat Bedlington Terrier at Doncaster. The North East walk for anyone is coming from Redcar, Middlesbrough Way and if you need a lift just let me know as I have room in the car if needed. I will ask Derek to put a reminder on the blog on the Thursday so no excuses we need loads of Bedlingtons taking over the Beach.
Mark has informed me that he has raffle tickets for the rescue and I must say with some great prices get your hands in them pockets it is for a great cause. Mark also informed me that Alan is on the mend and should be out at the weekend so that is great news. It is great to see more pups in the North East welcome everyone to the blog. The North East Meets are great for info and just to have a chat. Well that is all from me this week can I have a week off next week Lesley? Hope to see everyone at Crufts and good luck if you are showing this weekend Julie x
Thank you Julie, I think I will let you have Thursday off, hopefully Jon will upload some snaps straight to the blog by mobile phone. from the NEC. WE should have a handful of camera photos on the blog Thursday night and ALL the exhibitors on the blog and BTA website by Saturday. Good luck for everyone showing this weekend up in the North and we will look forward to seeing the new bloggers on the North East Meet outing. Great news that Alan is on the mend, he has been very poorly, his family will be relieved to have him well and home at the weekend.
This Weekend's Open Shows

Swindon & District Canine Society
February 28th
Judge Mrs S Ames ( Sharnor)
10 bedlingtons entered 6 Junior 2 Post Grad and 2 Open

Gateshead c/s
1st March 2009
Birtley Sports Complex, Birtley.
Judge Mr M Walshaw (Janmark)
8 bedlingtons entered
Mark is also judging Welsh (2), Wire Fox (3) & Lakeland (0).
Dog News
Ruff trade: A crisis for Crufts
Crufts returns next week – but there will be no TV coverage, no big-money sponsorship, and no support from the RSPCA. After six months of scandal that has left pedigree breeds branded genetic freaks, John Walsh asks if we can save our love affair with man's best friend.
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Where have we been?

Where were we, exact locations names please, name of cafe and steps and where was the Lighthouse originally? Martin should know as he once named the road where the houses are!
The Makems
Do you have an older Bedlington with a heart condition? Digger goes on Vetmedin,.
Sally Brady wrote:
Just to let you know we are back from the Vets with Digger - the good news is that he is not ready to go anywhere yet - however sadly his heart has deteriorated significantly and he is getting fluid on his lungs - the mini fits are caused by Digger coughing due to the fluid which then raises his blood pressure further causing him to 'black out'.Peter my vet now feels we have to treat the heart condition and we are trying Digger on Vetmedin to hopefully lower his blood pressure - I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this drug or a condition like Diggers in their older dogs? My vet has said the drug scan be a bit of s trial and error as with people they don't always work but he believes Vetmedin is most likely to help. He has given me his direct number as we have started the meds today but have been told if they haven't appeared to have any effect by the weekend to call to discus so other treatment options and we are due back at the practice on March 11.
Thanks Sally, do you have a dog on Vetmedin and can give Sally some advice?
More Bedlington History

On the subject of old Beddie pics, here is one of the late great Rev Hector Jack Brothelbank, with one of his Bedlingtons.Circa 1930.
I just love these old photos, if we can collect a few I will put them all in a special folder in the index column. Many thanks to David Bruce for the Rev Hector Jack Brothelbank, ( what a great name!) David do write in the comments if you have any information about the Reverend and his bedlington
Busy busy busy, we hear from Enid in Wales
K9 ( Carmel) admires Fizz's pup Pengerrig Renown at the Midland Show

It's been a busy week. the Midland bedlington Show went off very well and I was pleased that Fizz's puppy , Pengerrig Renown, won Best Minor Puppy on his first outing. His litter brother, Alphie , came to say hello. He's hoping to come to the Fun Day. Both puppies made a big fuss of me. I'm sure they don't forget who brought them into the world. I was tired on Sunday as I had left at 6'30 and got home at 7.30 in the evening having worked in the kitchen all day. Hefin was off in the other direction to judge in Reading. he enjoyed his day although he said to avoid trying to get past the football Stadium when they are all going home. he took an hour to reach the M4. Now the countdown to Crufts begins. I collected the posters for Discover Dogs today from Tom Bouse's nephew and they were much better than I expected. I hope you all come to see them, as they are pictures from the blogg. Lesley will post pictures on when she man's the Booth on Friday for those of you who can't be there. We start on Wednesday afternoon helping K9 to decorate the booth so as you get your dogs ready, think of us. On Thursday , Hefin is taking Larry and Ecco to Discover Dogs while I show Ecco and Billy is taking over after showing has finished. Mrs. Tigh and Mrs. Mayers will also be lending a hand. Lesley and Francis are there on Friday. Stuart and Angela man it on Saturday. We will be there again on Sunday with Dorothy. Fizz is being groomed as a demonstration on the Simpson Stall after judging on Thursday by internationally know groomer, Colin Taylor. We've got our badges, so hope to see you there!
Thank you Enid it certainly is non stop in the Jones's household with all the dog activities and your little granddaughter staying. Do come and show us Fizz after she has been groomed, it will be interesting to see if he trims her the same way as you do! Well done to the pup it is always exciting to see a pup you have bred winning at it's very first show. The posters for discover dogs sound fantastic, I will get Jon to take lots a photos on Friday for the blog.

24 February 2009

Rescue raffle to be drawn at Crufts

The National Bedlington Terrier Club are holding a Raffle to raise funds, the Raffle will be drawn at Crufts by Alice Emsley, tickets are £1.00 per strip and are available from, Janette, Mark, and Sheila. If you are unable to attend Crufts you may send a cheque to Alice for your tickets by end of February, see Home Page for her address, please make cheques payable to National Bedlington Rescue.
More money being raised for rescue, fantastic! Click on the link to see the great prizes on offer and further details, I would like to win the toy bedlington!
Click here
We have a new puppy to our blog we welcome little Maisey and her owners Peter, Diane and Bradley

Our names are Peter,Diane our son Bradley and our new addition Maisy. Our first dog and we chose a bedlington terrier bitch to live with us. We reside in a place called Camperdown, which is just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. We live approx 10 miles from Bedlington. Maisy has been with us for 4 weeks now and is 14 weeks old. She has a great temperament but with puppy devilment. We are seeing her coat change daily and she is really getting into her looks.
It would be nice if any of your blog readers can give us any useful info or tips e.g how old do they recommend for her 1st groom? Thanks Peter, Diane, Brad & Maisy.
Welcome to Bedlingtonpictures how nice to have yet another puppy join our blog family. I would say every 6-8 weeks for trimming the bedlington. The coats all seem to differ in how quickly they grow but the coat needs to kept short enough so that it does not matt. A nice soft slicker brush will help to keep free any small tangles in between the trimming. There are some experienced groomers on the blog who hopefully will come up with more advice.
Tuesday's Dog News
World's oldest dog needs jumper and goggles
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23 February 2009

Tuesday and it is Tina Time
Tina and the bedlies won the fancy dress at the last Midland Fun Day. Don't forget to put May 31st in your diary. Camping avaiable, why not take a short break and make time to visit the Cotswold villages and Stratford upon Avon!

Good morning bloggers , I hope that you are all enjoying this spell of mild weather that is such a welcome after all the cold and snow that we had. Hopefully tomorrow I will manage to get time in the garden and start the clean-up, It is needing a spruce up and most definitely all the holes in the lawn need filled in and grass seeds sewn again!!
I enjoyed the MBTC show on Saturday, it was a nice day and Brian Cleveley was checking the outside ring when we arrived, unfortunately it was just that bit too chilly to have it outside-that would have been a 1st for the February show! The AGM finished on time which meant that lunch didn't have to be hurried before judging started. There were quite a few new faces there which can only be a good thing for the breed. I was starting to panic last week as everyone had their Crufts passes apart from me-then on Friday afternoon someone posted them through my letter box-they must have been delivered to the wrong house, I was grooming at the time and didn't see the person to thank them but at least I now have them. what did surprise me was that I have not had any special offers or freebie vouchers this year, I didn't show last year but I know we've had offers and vouchers in previous years perhaps it's the credit crunch. It's good that it's our turn to be 1st in the ring as I prefer to show and then have a relaxing time to chat and shop rather than be last in and hanging around waiting. It's a long, busy ,tiring day but the biggest show of the year with fantastic shopping!!
As the days are getting longer the dogs seem to know spring is just around the corner and have been spending more time outdoors lying on the decking and itching themselves so yesterday the clippers were out and coats shaved off, Ellie my eldest had red itchy dry skin so I'm hoping that with her winter coat off and some spinach it will be less itchy for her-it usually works. Good luck to everyone showing at the weekend. 'Till next time Tina.
Thanks Tina, you are right no freebies or offers with the passes this year. The dog food companies must also be tightening their belts! Fantastic to have new faces at the Midland Show. With all the new puppy owners about I think maybe one of the breed clubs needs to think running about a grooming seminar. In the long run it is so much cheaper to trim your own dog be it a pet or show dog.
More Bedlington History
Eilleen Makem's Mum with Nettle
A bit of history from the North East. This photograph was taken about 1929/30 and is of Eileen's mother with one of the family Bedlingtons. His name was "Nettle" as were quite a lot of Bedlingtons at this time. Eileen's mother, Doreen Carr lived at this time at Boyne Brandon Co. Durham, "The Land Of The Prince Bishops", just a bit more history for our overseas bloggers.
Doreen's Dad, John Chicken Carr worked for the council in Brandon and kept an allotment for growing vegetables, probably keeping a few hens for eggs and the Christmas dinner and of course his Bedlingtons. I doubt if any of his dogs were shown but would have been used to keep vermin down around the allotments. He would have also used the dog for catching rabbits for the pot. He did breed his dogs and sold them for 6 guineas,£6- 6 shillings. Hey! Victoria and Sarah, how much is that in our current currency ???? Has anyone else old family photographs of Bedlingtons ??
Derek Lewis
This is just a great photo, what a cute little girl and her Bedlington. How wonderful to have had Bedlingtons for so long in your family. I have a photo of Jon when he was about 3 with a bedlington that must have been about 1952
Bedlington History
Some Bedlington Trivia
Did you know that one episode of the Beverly Hillbillies stars a Bedlington Terrier. Has anyone seen the episode? This classic US sitcom ran from 1964 to 1970. Thanks to Deb in the USA who saw this old episode recently!
Crufts 2009 will be streamed online
Click here
The news about the live webcast comes after the Kennel Club announced that Crufts FM will broadcast live on 106.8fm from Wednesday 4th March, until 10pm on Sunday 8th March within a 5km radius of the NEC, Birmingham. This means that those driving to the NEC will be able to listen to the latest news from the event. Those who are a bit further away from the action will be able to listen to Crufts FM via the web on the Crufts website, www.crufts.org.uk.
The Crufts live web stream will be available throughout the four days of Crufts, from the 5-8 March and will run from 8.30 in the morning through to the end of the Arena programme. The Crufts TV live stream will be free to view anywhere in the world by simply following the link on the Crufts homepage www.crufts.org.uk. For those who miss the action there will also be a catch up video on demand service for paying subscribers, enabling people to watch the replays of the action.
Dog News
Pedigree dogs over-exposed?
Click here
Video showing dog on bicycle becomes YouTube hit!
Click here
Slow cooked to perfection!

Last nights tea went down a storm. How many Beddies can you get in a slow cooker?
Thanks to Sharon Hayes for this photo, I wonder what delights were in the pot?
Dog News
Size Zero row reaches dog shows
Click here
Monday and no sunshine but dry and mild here in Oxfordshire, it is time to catch up with our Junior Handler Victoria
On Monday my Dad took Jack to obedience. Jack behaved very well for him ,he did a very good heel and come and a very good stay (the exercise Jack is not very good at)! My Dad is going to train Jack at obedience until after Crufts, then I will have a go with him. If jack doesn't behave then my Dad will have another go.
On Thursday we went to ringcraft. Jack was VERY good. His stand was excellent and we have sorted out his leaning problem and his heel was perfect.
On Sunday we went to Kent County Canine Association. We were in AVNSC terrier and the judge was Bill Blacker. We were first in the ring so we didn't have long to wait. Jack behaved perfectly and only had one fault...he lifted his leg up on the table and would NOT put it down. We came 2nd place and i am very proud of my Bojangles.
well done AGAIN to Chocco who got RBOB and to Poppy (Chocco's aunt)who got BOB! Well done to Sandra, Norman ,Lesley and Jon!
Crufts in not very far away and we are all very excited! we got our passes on Wednesday. We are all looking forward to meetiong fellow bloggers so don't be shy, come up and say hello.
lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles
Well done Victoria, Dad tells me there were 5 terriers in Jack's class yesterday, so you both did great. I have heard of Bill Blacker he could be experienced in judging the bedlngton, perhaps one of the bloggers could tell us. Just over a week now until Crufts, it will be fantastic to see you handling Jack in the ring, it is very different at Crufts as the rings are so much bigger than at most indoor shows. It is great as you have room to really stride out no matter how many are in the class!

22 February 2009

Blog Detectives required

Check out Cash In The Attic on BBC 1.0pm today. Any idea who the Bedlington is or the owners ?? Thanks to Derek for spotting the Bedlington . There is just a glimpse at the beginning of the programme. Thanks to Billy for the photo

Click here
Sunday and we hear from Tricia on Oracoke Island USA
Oracoke Lighthouse
Sorry I am a bit late today, but having not worked for as long as I have, I am starting to loose track of what day it is! The return to work is approaching to fast for me! After bright sunshine all week, today we have a case of the drearies, with rain. And still no grass!! Not even a blade! Congratulations to everyone on the weekends shows. It sounds like everybody had a great time with some impressive wins. All is quiet here, not much EVER happens on Ocracoke. Vet day was Wednesday, so we had a nutty day as usual. Friday my new carpet gets installed, so I am making plans of where I am going to put my furniture....tucking it all away here and there in the house. I think all of us will be sequestered in a bedroom for the day, because they are carpeting the main area of the house. I don't think the installers would appreciate 5 bedlingtons helping them! So that is going to prove to be an interesting day. The girls have been taking turns helping me "kitty sit". Willo and Storey are the best at this....I took Amelia last night with Willo and Storey & I don't think Kitty was happy to see 3 dogs, especially goofy Amelia who just wanted to eat her cat food. Storey continues to thrive. Her coat is coming in thick and tight twists on her head and neck. After the new carpet is in everyone is getting a tubby and a haircut. I will be anxious to see how the dogs, especially Storey react to the change in floor covering, the feel and the smells. Anyone have any experience with this? I am sure if I think one of them is going to have a problem with it, they probably will, so I have to get that out of my mind! Between digging up the front yard, and now changing all the floor coverings, these dogs are going to be confused. Although they have adapted very well to the little strip of grass left out in the yard for potty & it is much easier clean up for me with everything in one place!
It looks like with all the wonderful dogs out there that you all have been showing, that this show season is going to be very competitive and a lot of fun. I am looking forward to reading about all of it. Only a couple of weeks until Cruft's and the Bedlington Speciality here in the USA, I think they are the same weekend. Our bedlington friend from Israel, Hessel, is coming to the USA for the first time with one of his dogs for the Speciality. I am excited to hear from him and what he thinks of the show. Everyone have a great week. The daffodils are up here, the robins are back as are the blue jays (they eat all the cat food I put out for my cat!). The birds are all atwitter in the trees eating the cedar berries.
Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing
Thanks Tricia definitely an air of spring in your letter with new carpets, daffodils, blue jays and robins. Certainly we have seen a mild weekend here too but still too early for us to think of the lazy hazy days of summer!
Stop Press
Another Gnejnabay puppy is tops!
Gnejnabay Gene Genie, (Choco's litter sister) wins Best Pup In Show this afternoon at the London Fox Terrier and Airedale Club Open show, congratulations to Stuart Yearley, a fantastic weekend for Sandra and Norman the breeders.

Bedlington blog badges
Please collect your badge at Crufts before judging if possible on bench number 160
Got yer, you dirty rat!

Ralphie caught a beach rat! Look at those teeth!
Thanks to Ed and Becs, Ralphie is having loads of fun with his new found prize, I am so envious of everyone who can walk their dogs on the beach.
Check out the new poll
Midland Bedlington Open Show
Misty and T with Julie Cummings the judge.

Sorry but I was in the kitchen and only managed to see the end of the show. Pengerrig Renown (Vernon) won best minor puppy. It was his first show. As usual there was a good friendly atmosphere and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.It was nice to have a chat to people when they came for their refreshments. I had lots of willing helpers in the kitchen, especially Jay, who wants to be a chef when he grows up. A big thank you to K9 and all the others who pitched in to help!
Thanks Enid you deserve a well earned rest today, great photo!
Barney is glad the snow has gone, now he can find all his tennis balls in the garden. Here is a photo of him keeping a look out to see if that big ginger cat is about, Barney came off worse in their last meeting, he feels very brave behind glass!!
Thanks to Kim for the photo of Barney, he certainly got that "I will get you" look on his face in this photo!

Sunday's competition from the Makems
This event occurs twice a year and is well worth a visit though you will have to booooook your B & B or caravan site early. It's all to do with a famous writer and novel. So what is it ???Big Mo just loves one of the products you can buy here. Will show the place where they are made if Mo can guess the product. ???Mark thinks it's the best "plaice" excuse the pun, for fish & chips. ??? (Mark your barred from this comp.)
Thanks Derek, I would not know where to begin with this one, hopefully Mo woll come to the rescue!
Janmark Blue Encounter
I have no official figures but T has to be this winter's top puppy taking into account both open and Championship shows. He certainly has a fantastic future ahead of him with the show season getting under way! Congratulations to Mark
Sunday morning and still spring like here in Oxfordshire, the breed had a busy day yesterday with the two shows but today sees our young handler Victoria taking Jack in AVNSC and Junior handling, so good luck to her. It was a fantastic day yesterday to catch up with Sarah Collier and family, I have not seem them in ages and missed them at the shows. Our Junior handlers are the future for the breed and I am very proud of them and get a buzz every time I see them in the ring! Crufts is going to be great as I am benched next to both Sarah and Victoria, it will be hard to concentrate on grooming when there is so much to catch up on!
Changing the subject Sharon Ames is going on our list of groomers, do give her a call if you live in her area and need advice or your dog grooming. Last order for blog badges today, unbelievable but we are now up to 60, I will put a last order reminder on tonight. Last but not least thanks to everyone sending in material and competitions for the blog and to Big Mo for holding the fort yesterday. Tune in later for a new blog poll!

21 February 2009

A very hard day stewarding and winning Best In Show at the Midland today has taken its toll on Misty and Norman

Tula the JRT is about to join them! Well looking at this photo I can feel my eye lids closing so from the me and the blog goodnight!
Maidenhead Photos
Bedlington Judge Dr Hefin Jones OBE
Group Judge Mr S Yearley
Choco in the ring for BPIS (Judge Mike Homan )

Click here for 128 photos from today's show.
Puppy ( 1abs)
1st Gnejnabay Chokkopops RES BOB BPIB Puppy Group1
2nd Beaconslight Sunset Rose
3rd Jetsway Absolut Bling
Beaconslight Sunset Rose
Post Grad (1abs)
1st Mollora Little Rosie at Pocoblu
2nd Catchfraze Flirty Gertie
3rd Ratzwell Independence
1st Gnejnabay Zena Of Bugibba BOB Group 4
2nd Lowbrook Lately Of Tolpedn
3rd Ratzwell Sweet Dream
Reserve Miteymidget Cruiser at Pocoblu

Saturday news from Marie Skye

( sorry it is late but only just got back from Maidenhead)

I have visitors here this weekend, so the dogs are loving the company. Briagha is starting to mature ever so slightly (although still very much a daft puppy the rest of the time). In the blink of an eye she can disappear into a bedroom or the kitchen and have her nose in everyone's belongings, and before you know it she's chewing on receipts etc.
She does have a lovely friendly nature though and just loves everyone. Cody is more laid back now as he's almost 3 yrs old (soon be time for that pork pie!). At least he can be trusted not to cause havoc, and he does like to lie on a bit in the morning although Briagha doesn't give him peace. This week I'm sending a pic from two weeks back, of the red hills covered in snow. Even the river was frozen over but the scenery was gorgeous.
Thanks Marie another really outstanding photo! I don't think Bedlingtons ever really grow up, Parker is 5 this year and still has silly puppy zoomies, it is lovely to see them happy.
Midland Results
Sharon Ames Best in show
Mark Walshaw Reserve Best In Show and Best Puppy
Thanks to Big Mo for keeping us all up to date on today's events, congratulations to Mark and Sharon more show photos and news later!

Choco puppy group1

Maidenhead today

Well done Sandra and Lesley.

Judges Maidenhead

Hefin and Stewart.

Poppy BOB Maidenhead

Choco RBOB.
Following on from the theme 'your not allowed to get up onto the furniture'

Here is Lily who at last has found a little patch of spring sunshine to sleep in. I suppose that as she still has her paws firmly on the floor - technically she has obeyed the rules and not got up onto the sofa! Elaine
Technically she wins Elaine great photo !
Spring spring spring in Wales

Can you believe it? A week since the snow thawed and the first lawnmower of the season is heard. Tension builds in expectation of the first cuckoo. Enid xx
Thanks Enid, it is nice to see a bit of warm sunshine but we are a few weeks away from hearing  the cuckoo here!    

We start off Saturday with " Where am I" This time we have Ralphie what looks like somewhere nautical

But do you know where he is?

20 February 2009

Poll Suggestions
I want to put a new poll on the blog. I am having trouble thinking up something productive and interesting that we can vote on, have you any ideas?
Tiscali Email
Unfortunately my Tiscali email provider is down and I have not been able access any any new mail since first thing morning. Hopefully they will resolve the problem soon!
Dog News
RSPCA rescue 'nervous' cliff dog
Click here
KC reassurance over anti-Crufts protest
Click here
Keep up-to-date with Crufts FM
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Bedlington lurcher wins best photo of the month!

I found this picture on the Greyhound Megastore.com his name is flannel and he belongs to Sue Rawdon, he won the best picture this month.!!
Thanks Pat, great looking bedlington'lurcher!

Today's Breed Notes from Dog World by Viv Rainsbury
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Good Friday morning and although a little misty it definitely feels like spring is on the way! I expect many of you will have the scissors and dog shampoo out today, good luck to everyone tomorrow showing and drive safely. There is a definite buzz in the air now with the count down to Crufts.
Sker Beach outing for the Pengerrig team

We went to the Kenfig Nature Reserve yesterday and walked through the dunes to Sker Beach.The two mile stretch was almost deserted - only one other couple with a Lab. Larry found himself in a puddle and didn't like it at all. Fizz did a bit of paddling and Ecco stayed well clear! Fizz has lots of coat at the moment. I'll tell you why next week! Enid xx
Thank you Enid I do envy all of you who live near the coast, I would love to be able to go to the beach and cliff tops with the dogs.

19 February 2009

Dog News

Break-through Drug for Heart Failure in Dogs Reaches Market
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Jail for Barnstaple woman who starved dogs to death
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RSPCA: Dark side of the puppy trade exposed by new BBC documentary

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Tonight BBC1 8pm
We welcome Erica and the Jump Hunter Kennels in Hungary to the blog!
Snow snow snow!!!

Snow bedlie

Hi, my name is Erika from Hungary. My kennel name is Jumper Hunter.
I'd like to say hello to the English Bedlington fans. My Bedlingtons called Zephyr. My Airedales are Lisa and Zelda.
Welcome Erica, Zephyr, Lisa and Zelda to the our bedlington blog. What a fantastic snow Bedlington, that must have taken you ages to sculpt. We will definitely have a snow bedlington competition next winter, there are some very talented people in bedlington land! Do send photos and keep in touch as we love to hear from our overseas friends!