31 January 2010

Bedlington Blast From The USA Past

Here are pages from our original BTCA Manual that was published in 1964. Some very interesting info for your folks there. Gives a bit more history of the Rockefellers and many of the influential dogs that were imported into the USA from England. Hugs, Mary Lou



First known American Illustration of a Bedlington Terrier From Ed James’ “Terrier Dogs”, N.Y. 1873

ch Ch. Deckham O’Lad Of Forenze First U.S.Best In Show Bedlington Rochester 1927

A very special thanks to Mary Lou, who has emailed me 15 pages from the original BTCA manual, it certainly makes fascinating reading if you are interested in researching the origins of the Bedlington in the USA. I cannot print all this information on the blog, but if you send me an email I will forward you the pages.


Dinky Dogs Grooming said...

Yes please

joan said...


Has anyone else noticed that these old time bedlngton all have gay tails.
Something that can be seen as a fault now

Lesley 2 said...

In many old video clips there are dogs that carry their tails, I wonder if it was seen as a bad fault back then!