19 January 2010

Bye Bye Babies

Our last day of all of us together. Julian leaves tomorrow and Sammy leaves on Thursday.  Gonna be a sad week here.  But, it will be ok for Sam & Julian.  They are going to live with another Bedlington in each of their homes.  The saddest one around here will be the human Mum. Mary Lou



Thank you Mary Lou there will be a few tears today, such beautiful babies  all going to loving homes.


JC said...

Congratulations on such cute puppies! Sad for you to seem the go, though. The photo with the two puppies on one side of the fence is sad. Do dogs have belly buttons? I never noticed it on a dog until I saw the last photo. All the best and I am sure their new homes are wonderful and eager to love the pups.

Trish said...

*Sniff* Bye bye puppies...I am sure they are going to wonderful homes. Very sweet puppies Mary Lou

Mary Lou said...

Puppies do have navels like all live birthed mammals. But, what you are seeing on that puppy is his boyhood. Is that a nice delicate way to explain it? (G)
Thanks Trish. Yes, both of these boyys leaving are going to people who have already had Bedlingtons from me in the past and have lost them to old age. So, I am very comfortable with these 2 going. (But, still sad!)

Mary Lou & the Woofs