26 January 2010

Can You Help Daisy Combat An Unusual Skin Condition?

I had a recent call from an old friend who has a problem with her 5-year old Bedlington bitch. "Daisy" is one of our Sevray puppies, and the problems she's having aren't something I can recall in any of our own, so I can't suggest any ideas which might help in this case. Daisy occasionally develops a very itchy condition around her mouth and chin, and she scratches to the extent that she makes it bleed. The vet has been trying to discover the cause for ages, and has used various treatments, both conventional and alternative (homoeopathy etc) to help when the condition flares up. There's no obvious cause so far, so everyone is baffled. It doesn't seem to be "seasonal" or related to diet etc. The latest consideration is thrush, so treatment is in hand for that, but if anyone has any suggestions, please let us know. If anyone else has had similar problems, what did you do? Thanks for any help and suggestion, Viv

Thanks Viv this is certainly an unusual skin condition. I wonder if Daisy may be putting her nose or mouth into something in the garden that may cause irritation. It does not sound like a usual allergic reaction as it is just infects her mouth and chin.


Tangoed66 said...

Our last Bedlington, Fizz, had a slight problem similar to this but it was quite short lived, our vet mentioned that sometimes dogs can develop acne like teenagers can, this usually starts in younger dogs and they grow out of it although I believe it can last quite a while.

Trish said...

I had a cat that would get something similar, on his chin and mouth....I changed his feeding bowl to stainless steel, from plastic or crockery and that seemed to solve our problem. I hope yours is as simple as this.

patricia said...

Well, I thought it was only larry that had this, he scratches his chin and mouth, and rubs it on the carpet, and it has been scabby and red, I just put on skin eaze its a herbal balm. he doesnt get it all the time. horrid tho.

Mary Lou said...

Sounds to me like the dog may have a problem with it's own saliva. When saliva gets too acidic, it will stain and will sometimes cause a rash. I rutinely keep apple cider vinegar in all of my dogs drinking water. (1 tablespoon per quart) Also, to clear the rash, mix 2 tablespoons of crushed sage leaves and 1teaspoon of epsom salts into 1 quart of water. Bring to a boil. cool and store it in the fridge in a spray bottle. Spray directly on the rash a couple of times a day or as the dog scratches. You should see improvement in 3 to 5 days.
Good luck

Mary Lou & The Woofs