21 January 2010

Good Morning Bloggers From The Northeast!

Wor Julie is off sunning herself on Elbow Beach Bermuda, in her dreams, so it's the sub editor this week. Although the two pictures still show snow it's now all gone here at home, guess it's the same for most bloggers. In some ways it's nice to see it go but you must admit it's much cleaner taking the dogs out in the snow than in the wet clarty fields and parks. At least we have the beach which is not too far from home. We had arranged to meet up with the Janmarks last weekend but on the day it was horizontal rain on the coast so had to cancel.


No shows around the North East the last couple of weeks but there is one on the 30th at Eston Sports Academy then the seasons really open with show on most week ends. Our new pup Dusty is progressing fine, she will be staring ring craft classes soon for her show outings which will start in the spring. She's taken to the lead OK and has had some hunting training from the big dogs, likes nowt better than a run through the woods, have to keep a keen eye on her as she sometimes goes off after strangers. We had a phone about her brother last night. TJ is also doing fine hoping for another hair cut soon so it will be nice to see him again.


A little snippet has come to mind after the posting on the blog of the Westminster dog show item. I'm led to believe that Jack Winfield, an old terrier man who lives in Northumberland and who has a Bedlington at present once worked for the Rockefeller's. I think it was in the late 50s early 60s so although he would not have been at the 48 show he probably would have handled other Bedlingtons and terriers belonging to them. If I get anymore info I'll pass it on.The Makem

Thank you Derek, it is going to be so exciting to see all the new pups in the ring this Spring, puppy classes are certainly going to be well supported at the shows. It has been interesting to see the old photos of the USA bedlingtons. Perhaps there is someone in USA who visits the blog that has stories of old bedlington photos they could share with us.


julie o said...

great report this week derek see you at northen dogs

Trish said...

Thanks Derek for filling in. I always love to read your reports.

Mary Lou said...

Hi Derek,
I vaguely remember reading the name of Jack Winfield somewhere in connection with the Rockefeller's. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that their kennel manager for many years,was Anthony Neary & his wife, Anna. Tony showed Night Rocket at the Westminister in 48. Tony was best known for his invention of the Neary Singer. Which is how Bedlingtons were groomed for shows back then, to keep the coats crisp.
Anna Neary, wrote the Bedlington Terrier column for the AKC Gazette for a period of time. Then, the BTCA published a book of all of her 10 years of columns. I believe that was published around 1985. I can't find a publish date on the book. Since I have a copy of the book, if anyone is interested, I will be glad to scan some pages and write a little bit about that era.

Mary Lou & The Woofs



Thanks for the info I'm sure someone will be asking for some of your reports from your book.

When will you be back in the UK?? Don't forget to make it when the garden is in bloom.

The Makems