25 January 2010

Grooming Day Yesterday At Hadlow College

The pictures from today at Hadlow college. Louisa demonstrated to a packed room how to groom Bosley the cute blue BedIMGP0475lington to a high level pet groom. She was telling us all how friendly and welcoming the demonstration day was she attended recently. She made it clear fun and informative.

Here are some pictures from the day. What is lovely is to see that people are so willing to help and encourage each other. Excuse the chalk, poor Louisa got an itch and well, got covered in chalk lol. Another lovely day an any excuse to see a Bedlington in action. Donna of Dinky Dogs Grooming




Thank you Donna, how nice to see a group of students learning how to trim the bedlington. So many grooming shops have little idea of a bedlington trim and come back looking like Fox Terriers! Once you trim the face like a terrier face it takes forever to grow out! Please note that Donna’s (who lives in Sussex) details are now on the “Recommended Groomers” list in the index column.

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