27 January 2010

A Letter From Dora

Dear Lesley
Just caught up with the news that you may have missed some messages.  I think that one may have been mine. It seems a long time off but I wanted to tell you about the surprise that I received on Christmas Day. I had shown my son the lovely baubles painted by Viv Rainsbury that were on Ebay. Well, I received the one with the pair of Bedlingtons - he had bid without my knowledge and won. It is so lovely - I was so thrilled and it has been admired by one and all. Since then I have been trying to pose Lucy and Ben in that position for a photo call but to no avail so far.
We send our love to all especially to Viv Rainsbury for her wonderful talent. Love from Dora and Lucy and Ben.

Thank you Dora, I did wonder when Jon sent the bauble off if it was for you? Viv is very talented and the auction raised far more money that I thought possible! A little bird tells me she is planning on producing  some more Christmas decorations for this year. Looking forward to seeing Lucy and Ben in May at the Fun Day.


Tina W said...

Yoou were lucky Dora as the bidding was quite fierce for them.

Donna said...

they are lovely arnt they. i was sad to pack mine away