22 January 2010

Molly The Rescue Helps Donna To Win A Grooming Award

Donna was so concerned about Molly the rescue in Worthing as she is one very special Bedlington! Donna cannot give Molly a permanent home but wrote to me offering to foster her until a forever home is found.

I am thrilled to let you know that I entered the English Dog Groomers Challenge June 2009. Not only did I come 1st in the newcomers clipped class......... I went on to win the overall title of


I want to say a special thank you to Mollie the Bedlington for filling in at the last moment, you stole the show. This is me beaming with pride and us nervously being judged.



This is a lovely story and as we have heard from Tony this evening that just a home check is required before Molly goes to her new home. Let’s hope we see her on the blog with her new family very soon.


Dinky Dogs Grooming said...

Oh thank you Lesley for this, I hope her possible new owners are looking and if they ever want any info on her, I am happy to share what I know.
See why I think she is special. If I did not have a sick dog, a naughty boy and a numpty, I would have had her asap! Someone will be very very lucky. The odd update would be just wonderful.

enid said...

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement.

Tina W said...

Well done Donnna.

k9 said...

yes very well done Donna and to little Mollie hope to see you on the blog soon lol The K9 Marshal Crew

julie o said...

well done donna good luck mollie

Dinky Dogs Grooming said...

Not heard anymore, I hope all has gone to plan

The Ovenden Family said...


The Ovenden Family said...

We are Molly's Potential new home and we found her on this blog!

We have our house check on Saturday and we then just need the whole family to meet her.

We are in Sussex as I believe that the shelter wouldn't house her with anyone too far away- Sorry Tony's people!

We are a family who have previously owned a first cross Bed/Whippet for 14 years. We lost him 2 years ago and is has taken us this long to consider replacing a very hard act to follow!

I had been looking for either a first cross or pure bed puppy when I found Molly on this site.
Worthing is about half an hour from me so she seems to good to be true!

We are feeling slightly nervous at "rescuing" so any information that anyone has would be gratefully recieved so we can be sure to cater for all of Mollys needs.

We are really excited and hoping that it won't be very long until Molly can be here enjoying the fireside!

Dinky Dogs Grooming said...

YIPPEE, I do feel for the family who offered but were too far away, but thrilled that she is might be staying local, keep us informed.