25 January 2010

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria.

We didn't go to obedience this week as I had lots of homework and I had to miss it that time. On Thursday my Dad took Rose up to ringcraft.he says she pulled to the side on the first few goes,but after that was very good and stood really well on the table. On Sunday me and my dad took Jack and Rose for a walk up the woods.It was very muddy but they both had fun running about. Rose kept us busy chasing her after bikes. We also saw a labradoodle that used to go to obedience training with Jack. Rose had fun playing with him and a 5 month old JRT, I  hope tonight (Monday) I will get back to obedience with Rose. My Dad is getting Jack ready for the show on Saturday. see you soon lots of love Victoria Rose and Jack.

fujifilm_166 Something in the air! Jack and Rose out walking yesterday.

Thank you Victoria, not long now before Rose’s first show, I bet Dad is soooooooooooooo excited. It is great seeing all the blog puppies making their show debuts. Hope Rose is a good girl at obedience tonight.



Morning Victoria

It's a shame that homework gets in the way of you enjoying time with Jack & Rose. Looks like the dogs have picked up a good smell while out on the walk. Have fun.

The Makems

patricia said...

Hi Victoria, yes it is certainly muddy up the woods larry and leo have their legs bathed every day!! went to vet a house in stelling minnis yesterday, wow. 3 acres stables, wonderful.!!

Trish said...

I love the photo...noses in the air, finding out everything that has happened everywhere, since last they were out.