25 January 2010

Not Too Cold For The K9 Crew

Hi Everyone,

Well Jazz and Sapphire had a good run this morning and it was a  cold and gray start to Monday here in North Shropshire. Not to worry, we did meet up with some of Jazz and Sapphire's doggie friends, Biggles (a Rhodesion Ridgeback), Charlie ( a little King Charles) and Honey a 5 year old Labrador. All 5 dogs raced around and played together for 1/2 an hour while the humans talked and caught up on things. Guess which two where left with plenty of energy ( yes the Jazz Man and little Sapphire) their friends were all out of puff! Even after a 3 mile walk they still had enough energy to play for another hour before stopping, sitting in the chair and asking their Uncle Ian for a cuppa tea and some biscuits to warm up!

!cid_B95AF057830742718A2FD5CF50DACEE9@alexPCThank you Ian I love the photo with the pink tinge very artistic. We went walking over the hill today but the sun was out and in the light wind I was really quite hot wearing  my hat, gloves and thick windproof jacket.

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enid said...

A pink moment!