15 January 2010

Off To The Autosport Show At The NEC This Weekend

After The K9 Marshal Crew got back from their adventures with their uncle Ian on Friday they thought they had better get some practice in before they had a trip down to the N.E.C for the Autosport Show. They will  get to see all their Rallying and Racing friends  and to enjoy all the cars there ( from go karts to touring cars through to the F1 cars). Last year they ended up meeting  Murray Walker, Lewis Hamilton then the F1 Champion and many more stars  from the world of motorsport. This year they hope to meet Jenson Button the  F1 champ, Jazz thinks that Sapphire has a crush on him! Anyway they asked me to set the scalextric up for them and it was a flip of a coin who was going to be who, so it ended up being two people from the world of Rallying Jazzie (Colin) McCrae and Sapphire (RicP090110_20_11_[01]hard) Burns. (R.I.P to the two late great rally drivers Colin McCrae and Richard Burns) Both Jazz and Sapphire were putting in some very quick and impressive lap times!


Thanks Ian but who won the race little Sapphire or the Jazz Man. Have a wonderful day out at the Autosport show and hope you meet lots of stars from the racing world.

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enid said...

I hope they take their autograph books with them. Have a great day out.