28 January 2010

Pushka And Bhuna The Flyball Bedlies!

Just thought I’'d let you know that both my bedlingtons Pushka and Bhuna attend fly ball sessions each week. We are not competing but Pushka is extremely quick, and thoroughly enjoys it.Jane_No1_use_019

They have both started doing agility, Boo took the bronze medal at the clubs competition in December and Pushka is still progressing well in heel work to music and is due to take her first exam in the near future. You met Pushka at last years fun day when you awarded her the bronze good citizen award. Looking forward to a busy show year and of course the fun day.  Regards Jane

Well done to to Pushka and Bhuna, more and more bedlingtons are taking part in performance events which is fantastic. A  few  Bedlingtons in the USA are doing really well in  top level agility competitions, it goes to prove just how versatile the 2008_004breed is. The Bedlington may not be the easiest dog to keep motivated and focused but  the breed is very intelligent. I have just taught Diesel scent discrimination, it took just a week for her to learn to  pick out the correct cotton napkin out of 6 identical ones placed around a room.  Good luck with Pushka’s HTM exam do let us know how she gets on.


k9 said...


Well done, sounds like you are having fun. Hope you have pencilled in your diary the fun day this year 16th May 2010, same venue, look forward to seeing you there. (I was the lady helping Lesley to do the "Good Citizen" tests)

Tina W said...

I love the names you have given your dogs.

enid said...

Well done. Is the Flower Power Camper van coming to the fun day?

Donna said...

very well done with the dogs, mine would not be up for that

Sarah and Tony said...

I remember Pushka in the bronze test, she's very smart. Very cooperative when groomed. Good luck with your exam