20 January 2010

A Question For The National Bedlington

I was pleased to receive the open show schedule and  bulletin yesterday.  As always it’s great to catch up with club news!. Looking through the schedule there is no difference to class entry fees whether you are a club member  or not!  Does that mean this show is only open NBTC members?

Blog Reports

This time of year is very quiet and now the snow has gone my picture box is once again looking very sad. Please help me out if you want daily bedlington news and photos. Ed and Rebecca Eaves will not now be writing on Friday for the Southeast but I can’t  thank them enough for the regular weekly news and photos of Ralphie. Also, Tina and Jane are struggling to find news  for the Tuesday and the Midlands. We have all missed big Mo for her  Wales reports but unfortunately she is still quite poorly and is absent from the blog. We wish Mo all the best and hope she gets better soon. Many thanks to Paula and Enid for standing in. If you can help  out with Wales, Midlands or the Southeast just drop me a line. Ideally there would be four  reporters for each region. This would certainly take the pressure off with only having to write once a month. 

I would like to thank all those who write regularly as without you there would be no daily news.  Changing the subject, good luck to everyone showing at  Manchester tomorrow remember to blog-on tomorrow night for news and photos of the dogs entered.  


Sarah and Tony said...

We will miss seeing Ralphie on the blog, hope you still send the odd picture now and again. Love from Ed and Ossie

ed and rebecca said...

Hi Ed and Ossie, don't worry Ralphie will still be making an appearance! x

Lesley R Caines said...

Thank you to those who contacted me about the NBTC show entry. The show is open to all members and non members