23 January 2010

Re The Rockefellers, Mary Lou  saId:

I vaguely remember reading the name of Jack Winfield somewhere in connection with the Rockefeller's. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that their kennel manager for many years,was Anthony Neary & his wife, Anna. Tony showed Night Rocket at the Westminister in 48. Tony was best known for his invention of the Neary Singer. Which is how Bedlingtons were groomed for shows back then, to keep the coats crisp.
Anna Neary, wrote the Bedlington Terrier column for the AKC Gazette for a period of time. Then, the BTCA published a book of all of her 10 years of columns. I believe that was published around 1985. I can't find a publish date on the book. Since I have a copy of the book, if anyone is interested, I will be glad to scan some pages and write a little bit about that era.

Derek Said:

Iv'e been trying to find more info on William A Rockefeller and his dogs.  The only one with the name Jack Winfield died in 1906 so it's getting a bit confusing.  I have however found  this bit about his handlers. 


Thank you Derek and Mary Lou, the plot thickens! A very Happy Birthday Mary Lou form me and all your friends on the blog

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Trish said...

Happy Birthday Mary Lou, sorry I am a little late! Hope you had a wonderful day.