16 January 2010

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Skye

The snow has all but disappeared here overnight as we now have a tropical 10 degree temperature combined with gales and rain. Its weird to look out and see all that green stuff (grass!) instead of the white, but at least its easier for driving and walking. So we're back to normal working hours, we have a tank full of oil for heating (hurrah!) and soon we'll notice the nights getting lighter. The dogs have coped very well with the wintry conditions, probably helped by my being around the house more. I'm missing my photography shoots though, but that should change soon. Meanwhile I've booked a break in the lake district in May and a photo workshop in the Tatras mountains in Slovakia in October, so something to look forward to.


I enclose a pic of a frozen Storr loch taken on Christmas Day. Marie

Thank you Marie for the report and another lovely photo, It is a balmy 9 degrees down south too. As you say the days are getting longer and it is always nice to have something nice to look forward too.  The Tatras mountains sounds like a photographer’s paradise.


Tina W said...

Brr looks very chilly.

Trish said...

What a lovely trip you have to look forward too. I am sure we will all be anxious to see all of the gorgeous photos you take. Sorry to hear of rain and gales. The weather has warmed here, so hopefully it will be heading across the Atlantic to you all in the UK.

julie o said...

stunning photo

ed and rebecca said...

What a great photo!