30 January 2010

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie


The snow is back, although at the moment it isn't lying too thick on the ground. I don't fancy a repeat of last month so I hope it doesn't come to much. We're almost into February already, I sometimes wonder where all the time goes. I have the middle week of Feb off work to look forward to, and there are more photography folks coming up to Skye to keep me busy.

The dogs are getting hairy again so I'll have to think about getting the clippers out. It's not their favourite time, but I'm getting faster at grooming them at least. This weeks pic is of Gesto Farm just before sunset. I went out last Sunday in the hope of getting some nice light and I wasn't disappointed.

What a beautiful photo Marie and what an idyllic place to live but probably can be bleak in midwinter. I expect the people who live on the farm have to have huge stocked  freezers of food for when they are snowed in.


Sarah and Tony said...

Stunning pictures.

enid said...

The light in the picture is fantastic.

tony waller said...

Another great picture Marie to add to my gallery, the clouds around the mountains are magical, it looks so peaceful and tranqill.