17 January 2010

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia On Her lovely Island Of Oracoke

Hello Bloggers,
Our weather went downhill during the night.  Rain and gales, but at least it is warm 14C.  It has been raining so hard that I have only been able to get the girls out once, first thing this morning.  Let just say they were NOT happy with the change in the conditions.  We have has several days of spring time warmth and bright blue skies.  Today I have all the lights on!
I am so happy to see that Lesley and Jon will be adding a little girl to the home.  She is adorable!  It is so much fun to see all these puppies on the blog.  I can actually look at them and not feel that I feel I need to have another.  I guess at 5 even I realize I have enough!  As I have said in past reports, it is very quiet here.  Everything is closed except for the little grocer, the hardware shop and the liquor store!  Everyone eats in because there are no restaurants open either.  It is a very peaceful time of the year & a great time to recharge.  I think this is the first winter in a while that I haven't had a new dog/pup to work with.  The vet comes on Wednesday, so that will add some excitement.....everyone will get to visit with each other in addition to having their pets cared for.  Time to make the coffee and pastries!  Now there is a perk you get at my house that you don't get at the vet's office!  I also try to prepare something for them for lunch, that they eat on the run while seeing patients.
I am off, the rain has let up and I need to run the girls out for a quick potty while we have the chance.  I hope our warmer weather is heading your way.

Thank you Tricia and guess what,  glorious sun shine and green fields outside our house today. The rain washed all the white stuff away yesterday, I just hope the now is over now for this winter! Vets day sounds like a real social occasion, there’s  no coffee and danish at out vets, in fact there is no vending machine or even water on offer!  I have not contacted out vet about Atopica but found out from another veterinary practice that the price was double than the price on line. On an expensive drug this adds up to a lot of money!


Tricia has just sent us the photo of the  restuarant. What a lovely looking building, a place renowned  for its wonderful  cuisine.. I am real foodie but not exactly a chef but do tell us some of the most popular dishes on the menu?   


Trish said...

Nope Les. I work at the Back Porch Restaurant. The restaurant in the photo "Captain Ben's" is no longer in operation. The economy has been tough on some of the businesses here. I am lucky to work in a very upscale, very popular place. We have been written up in Gourmet Magazine, Southern Living magazine and several others. I will try to find a photo of where I work and send it to you if I can locate one.

Trish said...

Let's see....we have a fresh local blue fish w/Vietnamese lime sauce & julienne veggies, sesame encrusted fresh tuna with honey pepper sauce, fresh local NC blue crab cakes w/ lemon caper sauce, horseradish encrusted wild salmon w/ remoulade sauce, we have a linguine w/shrimp, tomatoes, and spinach in a smokey tequila cream sauce......SO would you like to make a reservation?

Lesley R Caines said...

Wow we are fish lovers on our way!!!! Infact make that two nights

Tina W said...

wow Trish-you're menu sounds absolutely yummy! Think I'd need a fortnight there!

Nigel said...

I've just google-earthed Ocracoke, and it looks like the most beautiful place if the photos are anything to go by. The menu at your restaurant alone sounds worth the trip across the Atlantic ! Do you get many British visitors ?

Trish said...

Nigel, we do get a lot of British visitors. There is a piece of Britain right here on the island. It is called the British Cemetery. Sailors lost on the Bedfordshire are buried here & each May there is a ceremony to commemorate them. We had a wedding reception one year for a couple from the UK at my restaurant. I love the British visitors, they are so polite.

J&T said...

I,d like to book a table please Trish. The other great love of my life apart from bedlingtons is fine food and I,m especially fond of seafood.
Jane xxx
OOOPS I forgot my other love. Sorry Trevor!

enid said...

That menu sounds delicious.
How do the vets get over to the Island?

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

trish i heard blackbeard the pirate has a connection there is it true

Trish said...

Enid, the vet get here via ferry, it is the only way to get on to the island unless you have a private small plane. The ferry ride is 40 minutes from the island north of us and about 2 1/2- 3 hrs if you come from the mainland.

Victoria, yes this was where Blackbeard plundered alot of ships. He was killed in the harbor here 291 years ago Nov. There is a troupe of historical players that come here as Blackbeards crew, they came for the 1st time last year to commemorate the 290th anniversary of his death. We had a "pirate" period dinner for them and they had so much fun they came back this year and plan for it now to be a yearly visit. They dress in period clothing, talk in period English (Blackbeard was and educated Englishman named Edward Teach) and bring their own period eating utensils. It is really fun to have them!