30 January 2010

Today At The Northern Dog Club, Eston Academy

Hello Bloggers ,Woke up this morning to look out of the window and guess what ?? the white stuff was back again. Still as today was Northern Dog Club Show down at Middlesbrough we battled through the drifts and driving gales to visit the show and to see a few friends. Thought you might firstly like to see the short legged variety of the Bedlington, the Dandie Dimont, Ahhh he looks sad.


We then have the pre show discussion to see who is going to win this one. Our Dusty had a sneak preview of the show scene and was abducted by a new to be Bedlington owner, she is getting her new pup next week end. Hope she lets us all see the pup when she gets it from ????????.


Then it's the line up with all contestants highly strung out awaiting the judges final pick. Mark's dog "T" was BOB and Group 2 and his bitch "J" being handled by Eileen was BP and Group 3. Julie's Whisper and Billy's Miss Pie being runners up. Both Julie and Billy then went on to other classes.  Then onto the the tea, coffee pie and chips and the final chat of the days proceedings. The Makem


!cid_2DA12816-00A9-4413-BEC7-74D462FFB175Thank You Derek, luckily no white stuff here! Congratulations to Mark. Pie and chips to end the day sounds great. What a nice relaxed atmosphere I think a good time was had by all.


tony waller said...

Well done everyone!

Elaine & Ern said...

Well done folks.

Loving the Dandi - he did'nt happen to come from my neck of the woods Derek - looks a lot like the little fella that trots past my house every day.


Hello Elaine

I do think he lives up the bank from Shiney Row. Did it snow up at Consett today??

Elaine & Ern said...

not much - we got off lightly for a change.

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

well done all