26 January 2010

Tuesday’s Midland Musings From Jane

Hi All,  At the weekend Trevor took the bull by the horns, or the clippers to the dog to be precise and gave Archie a short back and sides. Since becoming poorly his skin has become very sensitive and he hates to be groomed, hence he had become very woolly and unkempt. He is now sporting a short back and sides, pre empting this I sent for an Equafleece jumper for him, he has taken to his new clothes with great enthusiasm as you can see! !cid_X_MA2_1264457210@aol

He’s always been a bit of a show off, so will insist on parading in front of the girls with a "Look at me!" expression on his face.

Stella gave me  a scare last Friday. Whilst on our daily tour of duty by the canal, in the pouring rain I hasten to add, she was startled by a couple of large dogs. As I had my coat hood well and truly up, restricting my view it was the loud splash that alerted me to the fact she was taking her very first swimming lesson! " Doe’s she normally have a swim ?" asked the large dogs owner! "Never!" was my reply in panic. As luck had it she proved to be a very good swimmer and though thoroughly bedraggled she was none the worse for her dousing. Yet again it is the time of year to make sure all club subscriptions are paid up. If you are not a member of one of the three Bedlington Terrier breed clubs why not give one,(if not all) a try. It does not cost a lot and keeps you in touch with our favourite breed. Till the next time, keep looking ahead, spring is on it’s way! Jane xxx

Thank you Jane Archie looks very proud of his new sweater, I think dogs are just like us in their twilight years, their hair grows gray and thin. Poor  Stella, must have had quite a shock falling in that cold water, but luckily now worse for her ordeal! As Jane said if you are not a member of one of the clubs you can check out their websites  in the index column. Each club produces a twice yearly show, special events  and  regular bulletins of club news.


Linda said...

I look Archies woolly pully!!

We had Tasha and Tilly out in three inches of mud at the weekend and they came home caked in mud but they loved it! They have both been bathed and brused and now look like a pair of clouds sporting their winter coats. Trims later in the week to make them look like Beddies again!!!


enid said...

Love the fleece. I think I'll get one for Larry at Crufts. He feels the cold these days. I suppose it is because he lives in a nice warm house and not a kennel.

Polly said...

Archie does look proud LOL

I'm amazed that these dogs seem to love dressing up - my last dog would have had a fit, although he was partial to wearing sunglasses LOL