24 January 2010

A Very Special Gift For A Very Special Lady

Good morning everyone!
The weather has warmed here, but there are gales and rain. Yesterday we had a sunny day & the girls were still unable to spend much time outdoor. We had so much rain the day before, 3", that you could dock a boat at the bottom of my steps! I just keep telling my self that warm weather and rain make thing grow & as soon as the sun comes out I am anxious to start in the garden. I hope to have my tomatoes in by mid March this year.
My friend Rebecca gave me quite a surprise this week. She is the lady I watch "Kitty" for. I won't allow her to pay me, so the other night she came by and had a gift certificate to The Inn At Little Washington. This is an Inn and restaurant, one of the top 5 in the world! Absolutely gorgeous & a dream of mine and Chris's to go to. I was astounded!! Her and my friend Lisa have already talked about how they are going to care for the dogs while I am gone. I have never left the 5 girls with anyone and they know this would be a hugh source of anxiety for me. So they are going to stay at the house! I will worry about them the entire time I am gone! I was, as you all say, gobsmacked! My first response, after "thank you" "I can't believe you did this" was "do they take dogs"? I NEVER go anywhere without them.....YIPES!
We had a very smoothe and busy vet day. Lots of new puppies and kittens. I get to love on them all! We had one dog that has serious fear issues, and they only seem interested in meds for the dog.....they definately need Cesar Millan! She is so fearful and anxious, I feel so bad for her.
Wish I had more to tell you. It is a pretty quiet place this time of year. If you care to look and the inn and restaurant it is at


mh-accommodations3-mayors-houseThe late Craig Claiborne of The New York Times called it "the most magnificent inn I've ever seen, in this country or Europe, where I had the most fantastic meal of my life". Patrick's approach to cooking, while paying homage to the lawmakers of Classical French Cuisine, reflects a belief in "the cuisine of today", healthy, eclectic, imaginative, unrestricted by ethnic boundaries and always growing.


Wow Tricia! The dogs will be in good hands with live in nannies go and enjoy yourself! What a fantastic treat, don’t forget the camera we will want to see lots of photos and hear all about the wonderful food.


karen said...

looks a fab place hope you have a great time!

J&T said...

What a wonderful way of saying "thank you". I feel sure you,ll have a magical time Trish and the girls will be just fine.
Jane xxx

Trish said...

I am not sure I will know how to act in such a posh place. Refined and sophisticated are not words people would use to describe me. lol

Elaine & Ern said...

You enjoy Trish -

Sarah and Tony said...

Looks fantastic - relax and enjoy

k9 said...


What wonderful friends to come up with such a lovely surprise for you, I hope you have a truly wonderful time, the girls will get spoilt too, by their thoughtful "Aunties"

Trish said...

The girls will get spoilt is right, my friend Lisa will have all 5 of them sleeping in the bed with her! And anything else they want to do!

Dinky Dogs Grooming said...

That is just wonderful, bdlington people are the best