27 January 2010

Wednesday’s News From The Welsh Valleys

As you can see, Solo is learning very quickly. He's on cat patrol with the Pengerrig gang. He's made friends with all the dogs in the street including Joe the German Shepherd. He managed to wrestle a bottle of port off the wine rack and I was met with a sea of red liquid when I went into the kitchen. I don't think he drank any because he was full of beans and not fast asleep! It took ages to clean the floor tiles.IMG_2286

Today he decided to try digging and I do not have a single pansy left in my pots. We are well on the way with arrangements for Discover Dogs and have volunteers for all four days. So a big thank you to all who will be manning the stall. I'll let you know who's doing what and when nearer the time. There's good news to report from Tredegar and Big Mo. It looks like the cause of the problem is trigeminal neuralgia and the new tablets are starting to kick in. She sounded much more like her old self when I spoke to her this morning. Keep warm and look after yourselves. Enid

Thank you Enid I just love the photo, what a little character Solo is, always looking for something new to get his teeth into! He certainly knows how to keep you on your toes. What a relief for Mo, hopefully the tablets are taking away the dreadful pain in her face and jaw. Poor Mo has been in pain far too long, it is great to hear she is on the road to recovery


J&T said...

Good news on Mo, hope she,ll soon be back to her old self.
It sounds to me as if young Solo might have just have had a wee snifter, if he was sleeping so soundly, lol! It amazing how far liquid goes especially if it,s even vaugely sticky.
Jane xxx

k9 said...


To Land of the Bedlingtons, you have bum dints in your settee too, it is a great picture, and don't forget that poor innocent pup has been egged on by his older family I bet they have a good laugh watching him getting into mischief and you telling him off!

Thank you Hef'n for the letter we received today Jaz has put it on display and then it will go into his "Portfolio"


Helo Enid

Your Solo in certainly learning from the older dogs. Our Dusty hasn't managed to get onto the back of the sofa yet but she will. She does get up the stairs but cries at the top to be taken back down again.

Give our regards to Big Mo and we hope to see her about soon.

The Makems

JC said...

Absolutely love the pic! So much character.

k9 said...

Hi Enid
By the look on Solo's face, butter would'nt melt in his little mouth bless him as he watches the wourld go by lol Ian, Jazz and Sapphire The K9 Marshal Crew

Madeline said...

Solo really looks like one of the gang. I hope Fizz manages to keep her side up, with all those boys around. Good news re Mo - how useful to have Hefin for a friend!

Trish said...

What a little mischief maker you have on your hands! Solo looks so adorable sitting with the older dogs. I love the photo.

So glad so hear Mo is feeling better. Hope to see her on the blog again soon.

Polly said...

About time Mo had some good news - must be a huge rekllief to know what it is and get some relief!

Lola says Solo can join her landscaping team if he wants, sounds like he's got an aptitude for it LOL

karen said...

great picture, mine are on cat patrol at the moment Ashia very nearly got one last week and I think its sent her mad she just sits in the garden waiting for it to return I hope for its sake that it does'nt!!

tom.chisholm said...

ON THE WATCH!!!! Great photo!

Tina W said...

They all look very alert-Solo probably doesn't know what he's looking for yet but hey-Gotta copy what the pack are doing!
I wouldn't bother planting anything this year Enid unless it's in hanging baskets!! lol

Donna said...

what do they do when they see a cat do they go balistic?

Elaine & Ern said...

I agree Tina - safer to keep your garden lean!!! Mac ate all my purple sprouting broccili when he was a pup - explosive results even impressed the vet!!!!!!

Mo - if you are reading this - glad you have an answer to your problem. Good luck, hope it improves soon and looking forward to having your comments back on the blog soon. Miss you!!!!!