26 January 2010

Youva meets Brenda and Bridget



Many thanks to Mary for the photos. With the snow at last gone Mary and Nicky met up for their planned walk with the dogs. Doesn’t time fly as Little Youva is now 5 months old. Although still a pup Youva is now training with the adult dogs in obedience classes. In the photo Bridget and Brenda can’t quite make out their little dark coated new friend.


martin and julie said...

Great to see the girls looking lovely as usual!

Martin and Julie


Hello Mary

The girls are looking lovely, have they ben lamping lately.

The Makems

Mary said...

Derek the only lamping they will do is in under the standard lamp in the lounge!!!!! Having said that Bridget has got very interested in an area in the garden where we spotted a rat - so you never know? M

enid said...

Great to see you all having fun.