10 February 2010

Beautiful Babies  From Norway

We got four lovely puppies on January 29th. 1 blue/2brown boys and 1 girl.. Here are some photos of them, and they are all doing great!!Their father is our own International Norwegian Danish Champion World Winner-08 Norwegian Winner-08 Blju Be Judzhens More Than a feeling and the proud mother is Symretoppen's Bluti Mia (6 cac). It is so great with pups, to bad the time flies! :)

Best Wishes Benny Helgeland
N-3277 Steinsholt





Congratulations Benny with the birth of these beautiful babies. Do send us some more photos of them growing up. It won’t be long now until their eyes open and the fun begins,  As you say time does fly and in a few short weeks they will be off to their new homes.



Nice pups and nice to see pups from around the world. Hope you have fun with your brood.

The Makems

Benny said...

Thank you Derek! We are enjoying everything about it! :) And there is two boys available, so if someone is interested, get in touch! ;) Hope all of the bloggers have a great day, and more photos will come :)

Tina W said...

They are adorable Benny! Looking forward to more pics as they grow.

Benny said...

Thank you Tina! :) More pics will come :)