17 February 2010

Hello Everyone From The K9 Marshal Team

The weekend has been quiet for the K9 Marshal Crew what with Valentines falling on Sunday. Little Jazz and Sapphire helped their Uncle Ian tidying one of the garages up, after  going dog training on  with a bit of Agility at the end of the class. Hopefully we will do a bit of showing off this season with The Whitchurch Dog Display Team and joining in with the fun. Then on Monday we had a nice walk down the Llangollen Canal for a distance of 6 miles where we saw some of our dog friends and their owners, so Jazz and Sapphire ran with their  friends and had lots of fun playing. Later we started doing some pruning of garden plants in the back garden, well both had lots of fun picking all the twigs up and  running off with them before i could pick them up to put them in the bin! On the Tuesday all three of us went off down the Montgomery Canal for a 5 mile walk  and  it ended up being an 7 mile walk. It was very pleasant in the sunshine even if there was only 6 Inches of water in the canal for the first 1/2 mile, due to the fact the Inland Waterways Workers are replacing all the lock gates at the Lower Frankton Junction. When we got home both Jazz and Sapphire took themselves into the  front room and onto the big bay window sill to relax in the sunshine that was pouring through the window.


So if we don't write between now and Crufts we hope to see  you all at Discover Dogs where The K9 Marshal Crew will be making an appearance.

Thank you Ian you certainly have some lovely walks up there in Cheshire. I just love the photo, the dogs look so comfortable and cosy sleeping on the window sill with the sunshine streaming through the window,


karen said...

cute picture

ed and rebecca said...

sweet! They look so contented.

JC said...

Wish I could squeeze in! Wonderful photo.

Trish said...

Ahh how bedlingtons love sunning themselves! I have one one her back, legs in the air, sun on her tummy....sleeping on the kitchen rug!