14 February 2010

Jarrow And Hebburn, Report From Derek

I paid a visit to day to the Jarra show or for you folk in the souf The Jarrow & Hebburn Show.  Not a bad turnout and a new Bedlington owner to the North East turned up, more later.  As Wor Billy has already posted the results but in case they were missed the main ones are, Mark was BOB and Group 1 with "T" and BP with "J", nowt in puppy group.  Billy did well with Miss Pie in his classes and Bella the new kid on the block got a 2nd and 3rd in her first show.   It was nice to see some of the North East Ladies at the show today,  Wor Jan and Wor Diane. 


We now have Haley with Bella AKA Eglingham Belle, seven & half months  who lives in Ashington.   Now what wonderful names they are to the Bedlington.  Eglingham a small village north west of Alnwick in Northumberland close to where the Bedlington originated and of course Ashington famous for the "Painters".  !cid_2866C05C-1D9D-4867-A05F-2A5643F81292

The puppies

So hopefully we will see more of Haley & Bella at the shows and see some more pictures on the blog as Bella grows. Must add some noted Bedlington judges attended this show either working  or just on looking so the conversation was interesting.

Thank you Derek. We welcome Bella and Haley to the world of the Bedlington show ring. Hopefully Haley will send us lots of photos.



Billy’s Miss Pie


karen said...

well done everyone

muriel said...

I am based at the hospital in Ashington and see several Bedlingtons out for walks when I am coming and going in the car. I wonder if Belle could be one of them.

muriel said...

Oops that should have been Bella, I know a Belle Bedlie too!


Hello Muriel

It could well be Belle, my mind is going at times. And it's no good just looking out of the window at Bedlingtons, go and get one.

The Makem