21 February 2010

Late Northeast Natter

Good morning from the Northeast, well the computer is all better now and I am able to send emails. Luckily things are starting to get back to normal in our house only a few more days of Piper in season and it should all be over. Well I had a great time away thank you to Billy for standing in, they say a change is as good as a rest!

Got some great news Wednesday night Billy’s match night as Pie went Res Best In Show little Issac when Res Puppy so Billy is on cloud 100! Well only a short one from me this week good luck if you are showing this weekend good luck and enjoy Julie x




Miss Pie

Thank you Julie, pleased the worm has disappeared and you are back on line. A very well done to Billy, a great result for the Gypcian Team!


k9 said...


Great to see all the gremlins are leaving home, looking forward to seeing you all at Crufts, although I do not get much time, the ring is so far from the stand.


Nice one Billy, Eileen and Dusty will be back at the training on Wednesday, hope the halls a bit warmer.

The Makem

enid said...

I bet the was a big celebration in Billy's home after that! Congtatulations.

Tina W said...

Well done Billy!! Plus the dogs of course!

Trish said...

Well done Billy! I bet you are very happy. Enjoy your wins.