21 February 2010

Let Me Out Of Here

Can't keep this one in.


Trish said...

Too cute! Brought a BIG smile to my face. I love it!!

k9 said...

What a cheeky chops' What a fab photo "I a Bedlington Celebrity now get me out of here!!!" lol The K9 Marshal crew

Polly said...

Awwww reminds me of Lola, the Great Escaper!

Why are pups so sweet looking?

Lorraine said...

I really like the "Oh no, I am caught in the act!" look on the pups face.

How quickly they grow up.

Lorraine said...

I met this pup today, she was up to exactly the same thing, trying to escape to meet us.

She was so excited that she had a wee- right on her brothers head who was below her!

She is such a character, I do wish I could persuade my Hubby that Willow would like a little friend.