14 February 2010

Letter From Our Reporter Tricia In The USA

Hello everyone!
I am a bit late today.  I am actually kitty sitting 3 cats at 3 different houses.  Two of the cats owners will be back tomorrow and the 3rd one I am watching until the middle of March. Well, guess what we had here the other night??   SNOW!!!!  About 1-2 inches.  I was going to take a photo, but it melted so quickly....if I were a late sleeper all of it would have been gone.  When I took the girls out on the night of the snow, bit fluffy flakes were coming down.  Rose, who is 9, turned into a puppy and started running figure 8's around the yard!  Greyson and Willo had to be coaxed down off the deck, they were mortified!  Storey didn't seem to care one way or the other.  Living the early part of her life in Tennessee, she probably had experience with snow.  Amelia was just curious.  So funny how they all react differently.  I had a hard time getting Rose inside, she was having a blast!  By the morning the temps had warmed and the melting had started.  Tomorrow it is to be 54 degrees and rain.  This has been the longest winter I have seen in all the years I have lived here.  Usually by Feb. the spring flowers are starting to poke their heads out. 
I am going to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and hope you all do something special with someone.

Rose_smiling! Thank you Tricia, I think this has to be one of the coldest winters we have seen as well. Normally the daffodil bulbs are well up but only one or two have decided to poke their heads above ground. The dogs are funny in the snow, all different characters. Mine love going out in the snow until the novalty wears off and they come in feeling cold with huge snow balls stuck in their fur!


Elaine & Ern said...

Oh Trish - hope you're not sending the snow our way again - really had enough now.

My Japanese maples have been completely destroyed by the cold and weight of the icicles - and while Lil and Mac go wild in the snow - I'm not too wild about the endless defrosting!!

Bring on spring!!!

J&T said...

Wow this strange cold weather really is affecting everyone. I too will be glad when spring is sprung.
Jane xxx

muriel said...

Love her smile, Barney does a very good smile too.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

She is lovely..... As are all your girls xx

enid said...

I think your snow is heading our wat again!

Tina W said...

Tricia-keep your snow please!! I hate winter and it's been a long one this year! Great snap of a smiling beddie-I had a jack russel that used to smile so big that people thought that she was odd.

Donna said...

shes so sweet, my dad had a beddie which smiled.
it has snowed a little here today