12 February 2010

London Revisited!

Thandi and I are back in London now, after our long sojourn in Wales. I thought Thandi would miss the beaches but she is enjoying an intense ‘smell fest’ – so many dogs seem to have left messages for her that just MUST be read! Her nose is in overdrive. A small difficulty has been that, in Limeslade, she got used to everyone she met being a friend, or at least friendly: she is expecting the same reaction here and is looking to ‘meet and greet’ people walking along our street. Naturally, they are not all as interested in her as she is in them, but I think she’s getting the message.

We’re back to our usual London walks in Highgate, Hampstead, Ally Pally, etc. This photo was taken today in Highgate Woods; My aunt knitted the coat for Mo’s Tipper, but she didn’t finish it in time, so Thandi inherited it. I hear that Poppy is a bit green at the moment, as she has rubbed against some ‘eau de nil’ paint! Fortunately, it is washing off bit by bit!


Thank you Madeline, Thandi looks a real girl about town in her designer red sweater. Great to hear life has got back to normal after your accident. Wish we had a photo of green Poppy!


Trish said...

Love Thandi's sweater! How does he take to it? I tried to put a sweater on Storey and she was mortified!

Madeline said...

I know what you mean, Trish. Thandi doesn't like it much and so walks in a slightly awkward way to let you know she's not happy! But it was very cold!



The Makem clan will be in the London parks in May after the fun day though south of the river. Hope we don't get locked up by the Royal Parks police.

The Makems

Tina W said...

Hi Madeline-good to hear that you've finaly made it back to London-bet you had forgotten what the place looked like-Sounds as though Thandi is likeing all the different smells -poor Poppy getting green paint on her-she's a silly billy!

enid said...

I've only just managed to switch on the computer because I have my 2 year old grandaughter staying this week as her parents are skiing in Austria. I'm so glad that you have made it back to London. I'm sure that Thandi enjoyed Limeslade but you are used to the hustle and bustle of the city with all the theaters and galleries.Enjoy yourselves!