11 February 2010

Northeast Natter Today From Billy!

Hello viewers,

Julie is away on a secret mission this week so I have been asked to do the North East Natter, so what has been going on up here. Darlington show on Saturday at Shorten and it was Issacc's first show, terrible, I could not keep him still and after all his training as well,  but plenty of more shows to sort him out! But then i had a brain wave, while at Darlington i was watching the group and noticed not one of the dogs showed any terrier traits all standing there like stuffed toys even in the puppy group. I was thinking "wish I had an obedient dog"..... ha ha obedience classes.....so Tuesday night bundled little Zebedee into the jeep and off we went to obedience class.

First was sit (stand in my case) and walk around him after 3 goes he did it, and that was with half a dozen other puppies playing tiggy!Next was stand and stay off their lead with me at other side of the room, second attempt and he managed 15seconds.....amazing I did not think i would get two steps back. I will be going back as just that little bit training seems to have took the edge off him, he was much better, plus Lesley has put him in for his Good Citizen Bronze!


Fantastic Billy a little bit of basic training should certainly help Issacc to concentrate and obey basic commands in the ring. I am looking forward to seeing him in May, with all this practise he should easily pass the test.  We now have seven dogs booked in for the Good Citizen, for those of you with show dogs or puppies the one minute stay can be done in a “stand “ position! If you would like any information on the test you can down load the  exercises from the Kennel Club, email me, or leave a message in the comments. Only three places left for the test on the Fun day.


Tina W said...

You look different Billy!

Trish said...

Glad to hear Issac put you in obedience. He needs to get you trained properly. (wink, wink)


Tina W, It's the red trousers you don't recognise, Wor Billy is usually in his camo gear.. Bet he snubs me at the show on Sunday now.

The Makem

Tina W said...

Must say Diane has done a good jobb with his hair!