18 February 2010

A Note From Paula And Julie

Paula wrote to say sorry there was no report from Wales yesterday as they have just had their car stolen. They have informed the police and hoping it will be found soon.

Julie phoned to say her computer is very sick and contracted a worm. She hopes it will be returned fit and well by the weekend and will write a late “Northeast Natter”


enid said...

Sorry to hear about the car. You don't realise how much you reley on it until it's gone. Was it outside your house?

Hope the worm gets eatenup quickly.

Tina W said...

Hope it's a good outcome with the car and that the worm gets eaten by a mole!

kevin said...

hey paula it could have been a lot worse .Bernard could have been sleeping in the car ,as he was when you won your first cc.LOL

J&T said...

Hope the car is found soon and intact Paula. Julie I think blackbirds are fond of worms !!!he he he!
Jane xxx

Polly said...

LOL @ Kev - That cheered Bernard up He'll never live it down.