24 February 2010

A note from Vera

Two bedlingtons quickly becoming mates last week when they went to the seaside.  They bumped into one of Anthony Gormley's iron men, part of his Another Place  construction on Formby beach. Thandi was big pals with Zack who lived  with Vera before he died at the good old age of 14 last year. Thandi is  telling new kid on the block, Poppy, that this iron man met Zack too.


I can remember posting the photo with Thandi and Zac with this iron man  quite a long time ago. It is great that Thandi has a new friend to  play and go walking with.


enid said...

We took our dogs to Mumbles last Saturday and walked around the nature reserve because it was so busy elsewhere. We met two ladies who were convinced that they saw us often walking there. They said that a lady walked two Bedlingtons. Could that be you Madeline with Thandi and Poppy?


The Formby beach and surrounding areas are very good for dog walking and there's a good caravan club site at Southport. Book early and go when the flower show is on.

The Makem

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

hello vera. long time no see. r you still running along the seafront???

Madeline said...

Hi Enid. A pity I wasn't here, as you could have called in for a cuppa. That would be me, I expect, especially since Zack was a frequent visitor. And the hill overlooking the lighthouse is where I fell!