27 February 2010

Saturday And We Say Hello To Marie In Scotland

ardtreck-sil The picture is of the sunset on my way home from work on Monday

We had a lovely start to the week with sunshine, but it all went pear shaped by Thursday with snow blizzards and very very cold winds. Fortunately its moved south now (probably coming your way!). It will soon be Spring hopefully and surely the cold must end then.

Someone told me there were bedlington puppies for sale in Portree, which I knew was utter nonsense so I emailed the advertiser and sure enough its one of those scams where you pay a delivery agent because the 'puppies' are in Newcastle. I'd love to round up all these scammers and shoot them...(is that a bit extreme?).

Briagha has discovered that she can limbo dance under the gate now and I spotted her trotting along the road yesterday. I think I'll have to fatten her up or put an inflatable jacket on her to keep her in the garden. Marie

The world of the internet seems to have brought out so many  dubious people who try to ran scams! Luckily most of us know the warning signs. I can’t tell you how many  times I have won the lottery or been left a fortune by someone I have never met!  It saddens me to think that these people run scams using  animals as way of targeting the unexpected!.

Once again a fabulous photo, how we all look forward every week to your photos, they are all outstanding!!! 


bill said...

inflatable jacket sounds good...
pictures please

karen said...

great picture marie

Trish said...

Beautiful photo Marie. It could be a sunset from here. We get those fiery sky sunsets too.

Marie said...

Thanks folks, its good to get some sunny weather.