28 February 2010

Sunday and we have our weekly report from Tricia on Oracoke Island in the USA.

Hello everyone!
The sun is shining here, the rain has stopped and the wind has died down.  Hopefully winter is wearing itself out.  Great to see the results of the weekend’s shows, congratulations to every one.  It looks like Cruft's is right around the corner.
I have been busy with "kitty sitting" again....2 cats, 2 different locations & both owners away for a month.  It is amazing how much of your day it can take up!  My girls have been thrilled to have an improvement in the weather. Storey_on_deck_steps They have had a chance to be outside and their noses don't leave the ground!  I don't know what goes on in my yard at night, but I am sure they can smell it all & apparently from their behaviour it is A LOT!!  Seems it is time to get to grooming again.  One day I look at them and I think good heavens when did THIS happen....and it is time to start the process.  I am so excited that my little Amelia has developed so much colour!  She was much slower at achieving it than the others.  It used to be easy to pick her out of the pack because she was so light, but no more.  Next week I will be writing my report from my new computer, which is scheduled to arrive on Wed!  I hope I am able to get it set up without too much trouble.  I am severely tech challenged!
I am off the take care of " Punkin & Kitty"...... they may be cats, but they really love people attention & I try to spend a couple hours a day with each of them...some in the morning and some in the evening.  I have managed to read a lot of books doing this! Until next week.  I hope your daffodils and tulips start showing their glorious colours!

Thank you Tricia, how I like the sound of Kitty sitting, just relaxing with kitty in the peace and quiet of a friend’s home, reading a book. Well the daffodils are beginning to pop up now but we have just a handful compared to last year. The very long cold winter seems to have slowed everything down. Looking on the bright side it is March 1st tomorrow and we are definitely heading in the right direction! Do send us a photo of Amelia, the girls  always look so striking when they come into coat.


Marie said...

That pic should be in the calendar comp, I love it :-)

Bring on the spring, we've all had enough of this winter.

karen said...

I agree with marie great pic, the sun is shining here today its lovley.