21 February 2010

Sunday And We Say Hello Tricia on Oracoke

FINALLY , we have had sun for 2 whole days!  And to add to that it has been a bit warmer 50F.  Still, way too chilly for here, this time of year.  I usually try to get my garden in, in March.  Hopefully today I can get out there and pull up some weeds and turn the soil, and get it ready for planting.  The spring birds have arrived and the trees are full of them in the mornings eating the berries of the cedar, juniper and bayberry trees.  They keep Sam, the cat, very entertained.  The girls are happy to be spending a little move time outside, but rain is expected on Tuesday.  I am once again "kitty sitting", this time for 2 friends.
Greyson seems to have recovered from her gastritis.  Eating well and back to her old self. I, on the other hand, am watching her carefully.  I believe it is  harder on the humans, when the critters are ill, than it is for them.  Congratulations to everyone that has shown this weekend & especially to Sarah for her achievement .  Well done.  I am looking forward to little Asha coming to her home with Les & Jon and all the Paws.  What a fun and exciting life she is going to have!   What fun to watch her grow here on the blog.  I hear you all are having more snow!  We are ALL ready for spring it seems.....EVERYWHERE!!  I think everyone has had a rough winter.  The girls are curled up at my feet here, waiting for us to proceed to the next event of the day....one will get to go with me to feed the cats.  Until next week, stay warm and dry.

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Baby_Willo_relaxingThank you Tricia, well you are lucky in Oracoke,  we still have very cold weather and once again more snow in parts of the country. Spring seems a long way off this evening. Hopefully in another month we can look forward to some improvement in the weather. Lovely photo of baby Willo, typical bedlington pose laying on her back and legs in the air!  


J&T said...

Too true Trish, spring can,t come soon enough! I went to work this morning,(Sunday) at 5-30am in several cm of snow. We have seen enough of the white stuff for one winter.
Jane xxx

Tina W said...

Here Here-roll on Spring and then the best season of all-Summer!