25 February 2010

Thursday’s Northeast Natter      

Good morning from the northeast and it’s not raining and we go a bit of sunshine for about 10 minutes that is good enough for me. Well the shows are starting back up in the northeast and i think we are showing every week for the next 6 weeks can’t wait will send you a list so if you are about nip in.

I got a telephone call from a friend last night who has a bedlington he is 4 years old and has been ill for about 3 weeks with a bad tummy and being sick she has been to the vets who had informed her that his copper level was off the scale and they would send a test off to confirm it was C T I gave her the bedlington health group web site but could anyone give me anymore advise is the food she could give him to help as her vets didn't even know about CT,  it was only when she spoke about it did he do the blood test.They have no background about the dog and didn't know that she could get him tested. Any advice welcome and I will pass on that is all from me this week good luck if you are showing at midland or any shows enjoy Julie x

Thank you Julie, very sorry to hear about the poorly dog. Although there is lots of information on the Health Group website, I can’t find a contact email where your friend could write for advice. It might be a good idea for the Health Group to have an advice help line. 


Hello Bloggers,  Look I've had another hair cut, looks like I'm going to make my debut soon with the public, hope they like me.  I'll be the bairn among all the older dogs for folk to see at Discover Dogs on the Friday.  So if you have time come up and see me, bring a treat for me and my dad. Dusty Makem

Goodness Dusty those Makems are cruel putting you back on the grooming table but I must say you will steal the show at the Cruts stand!


Carol said...

looking forward to meeting you Dusty, hope we can all enjoy another walk on the beach soon. hope your dad brings lots of treats along with him!
carol & David

Elaine & Ern said...

Julie - sent you a note on FB

Derek - Dusty looks fatantastic - time for another walk I think so we can meet her.

enid said...

If your friend wants some advice she can ring Hefin as he is a member of the Health Group. It is better to speak to someone than email. We will be away at the MBTC show from tomorrow until Saturday evening but will be in tonight.It was a good suggestion to have a contact email for advice.

Lesley 2 said...

End I can't find any contact numbers or email adreeses on the Health Group site

patricia said...

should 'av gone t specsavers lol
only joking - beautiful

Lesley said...

Dusty you are a beauty. Look out, TJ is due a trim shortly, he shouldn't be wide this time, he quite enjoys his daily comb now. Bumped into somone you know last weekend, it was Ed & Ozzy's Owners.

Pam said...

Shirley Davies (Honeymist) has a very good section on her website regarding Copper Toxicosis and is almost always available to help anyone regarding this condition