18 February 2010

Update On Benny’s Norwegian Pups




Here are some photos of the pups.. Already 20 days old! Tried some "real" food today, and they loved the taste. Just minor problems with the attack on the bowl..hehe :) Best wishes Benny

Goodness Benny haven’t the grown, real little pups. This is where the fun begins, more food on their feet than in their tummies! It won’t be long before they are running around barking and playing.  


enid said...

How lovely! make the most of them -they will soon be driving mad!

Tina W said...

My they have grown Benny-are they all spoken for now?

Benny said...

No, there are still 2 boys left. Hope someone wants them, they look so great all 4 :) They have grown, playing a lot.. barking and "biting" each other :)