24 February 2010

Wednesday And We Say Hello To Enid In The Welsh Valleys

Hi, bloggers,
Well Tuesday was another snowy day. Solo had a haircut but it took two of us to do it. He is not impressed with looking like a Bedlington. Afterwards he raced around the garden like a wild thing so came in soaking wet! Tim had a good win with Tredomen Dixie at The Terrier Club of Devon and Cornwall. He won BPIB, BOB and 1st AV Puppy. Dixie is the pup in the flowerpot on the April page of the calendar. Tim has a chest infection but is on antibiotics and is hoping to go to MBTC on Saturday. Maureen is still having problems with her medication and she is going to have to try a different painkiller. I hope this one does the trick - she's really fed up being in the house all the time. Paula's car was recovered on top of the mountain on Friday but it is a complete right off. She called the car thieves "scumbags" but much ruder words come into my mind! She has a little run around so will be able to get to Crufts. I'm busy getting the kitchen organised for MBTC and will be making Welsh cakes as usual. I hope Jill will bring one of her chocolate and pear cakes and Sarah makes some muffins - they were absolutely delicious in the last show. No pressure you two!!  I am very lucky with our committee as they all pile in to help. Hope to see lots of you on Saturday at Canine Academy, Tollerton. Remember to bring lots of change - it's so much easier when we don't have to give change for £20 notes. Enid

Soowet Thank you you Enid, well done to Tim with the flowerpot pup “Dixie” and look forward to meeting her on Saturday. Poor Paula I wonder if it was joy riders who stole the car than smashed it? Scumbags is not what I would have called the thieves either! I am sorry to hear Maureen is still in pain hopefully the right medication will be found soon, as you say it must be miserable to be spending so much time feeling unwell and not being able to go out.  Just a couple of days now until the Midland show it will be great to catch up with everyone over with what I am sure will be a delicious lunch.    


Tina W said...

I hope Sandra Waller is making some trifle-I love it!!

enid said...

Sandra's trifle is on the menu so I'll reserve you some!


Sounds like it's going to be a good "Nosh" up at the show. We are doing a local show so hope all have a good day at the Midland.

The Makems

Mary said...

Hi Enid Hope you will send me one of your welsh cakes