22 February 2010

Will the Snow Ever Go Away!


Solo is fed up with the snow! Enid

Thanks Enid I think the novelty has definitely worn off, we have only had a dusting thank goodness. The look on Solo’s face says it all!



Hello Solo

I'm a bit sick of it as well, we had to walk 5 mile this morning in the snow though the sun was shining all the way. Me dad say's he'll be glad to get rid of the heavy gloves and coat.

Dusty Makem

Trish said...

I saw a photo on Facebook.....a snowman, on a park bench, under a tree, with a noose around his neck! I believe that the folks up north are sick of snow here too.....unfortunately they are supposed to get more today.

Tina W said...

Bless it does look as though he's had enough!

ed and rebecca said...

Awwww, poor solo x