31 March 2010

Austin (bitch) In Rescue At Many Tears Rescue Centre Llanelli


I have just been told of this poor little dog who has just been taken into rescue. I will inform Frances from Bedlington Terrier Rescue who will contact the kennel. Thanks to Donna from "Dinky Dogs Grooming" for the information


Tina W said...

Bless her little cotton socks-3 years old and been used as a breeding machine-it makes my blood boil!

Elaine & Ern said...

Mine too Tina!
Looks as if she'll scrub up to be a lovely looking dog - with a bit of work she'll make a cracking pet.
Good luck to whoever is lucky enough to adopt her.

Trish said...

Makes my blood boil too!!! I hope she finds someone kind to show her the good life, she deserves it.